Psalm 96:1 Sing A New Song

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 96:1

In many musicals, when a person falls in love with another person, they often break out in some type of love song. The song is showing what is inside their heart. They are excited and filled with joy at the idea that they are in love, that they love someone and that person loves them back.

Look at a little child that breaks out in a new song about something. Often the child is making up her own little song. Again it shows the joy and love that she is feeling about someone or something.

The psalmist encourages the people to sing a new song to the Lord. With thousands of songs out there, why would he want the people to sing and other new song?

While singing a song that someone else had written, it is not the same as a personal song. Often the songs sound very good and the words are great, but they miss part of what is in the heart.

Only you can truly sing from your heart what is in your heart. Think about the things that God has done in and for you. Think about how great His love is for you. Think about all the blessings God has given you over the years. As you think about these things, your heart should be bursting with love for God. Your mind should be blown at how God has blessed you, over and over.

As this happens, sing a song letting God and this world know what you are feeling. The world may think you are just a little bit crazy, but they will see something that they really want to have. They want that love and joy that you contain. Many really want to be free to be able to express their feelings in outrageous ways.

How are you expressing your love for God?

Are you just going to church and quietly telling others?

Or are you bursting out in song, letting the whole world know?

Sing to the Lord a new song today and maybe some will sing along with you.

I pray today that you will be filled with God’s joy and love; that you will be deeply in love with God; that you will have song on your heart for God at all times; and that you will sing a love song to God today for all the world to hear.


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