Psalm 67:1-2 Blessings For A Reason

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us–so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. Psalm 67:1-2

Everyone loves to have God’s blessings on them. They want God to be gracious with them in dealing with their faults and sins. People want God to be pleased with them as He looks at them.

There is nothing wrong with desiring God’s blessings and grace on one’s personal life. The challenge comes in as to why a person wants those blessings and grace.

Most often those blessings are wanted for personal gain or appearance. People want others to look a them and see that God is really blessing them, so they must be “good” “holy” people. In reality, most are looking at the blessings for personal pride, which is not the same reason the psalmist wanted the blessings.

The psalmist wanted the blessings so that God’s ways may be known to everyone on the earth. He wanted to be a witness of who God is.

The only way people on this earth will know who God really is and what He is like, is by the witness of those who know Him. Seeing a believer and hearing of the testimony of what God is doing in his life, will do more than anything.  But the believer must be willing to point people to God, not just looking at the things he is blessed with.

Take a look at all the blessings in your life. How do you speak about them?

Is it as the world does, talking about how much you earned or built up?

Or is it focused on who God is and how gracious He has been with you?

The things of this world are only temporary, here today and gone tomorrow. The real blessing and gift of God is the salvation Jesus provided. Nothing can be as good as that salvation in your life or in the life of anyone else.

Are you sharing that with the world?

Sharing Jesus with others is your purpose to be here on this earth. God wants the world to know His ways and His salvation that He provides. God blesses you so you can share that information with the world.

I pray today that you will know the blessings God has given you; that you will know how gracious God is to you; that you will be His witness to the world; and that many will know Jesus because of you.

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