Psalm 34:8 Try Him, You’ll Like Him

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Trying out a new type of food for the very first time is not something every person likes to do. Most people like to eat what they have always eaten, and nothing else. They will look at some new type of food and if it looks very appealing, they may try it. If it does not look appealing, they will not even consider it at all.

Others are more adventurous and willing to try most any type of food. If someone else is eating it, they will try it, with very few reservations. The bad stuff, they try once or twice, then never again. The good stuff, they keep on eating.

People do not like to change their habits. They like the way they are doing things and do not want to try out something new. Just as with eating food, they do the same in their lifestyles, they are content with where they are at and don’t want to try something new.

The psalmist gives out a challenge to the people. He challenges them to taste the Lord and find out if He is really good or not. This tasting is not literally eating Him, but working with God and trusting in Him to find out how good He really is.

Those who believe in and follow Jesus, will be able to testify that He is good. In fact, He is very GOOD. Where else can you find a one who is perfect and is full of the love and mercy as God is?

The only way you can know how good God is, is by actually trying Him out. Put your trust in Him and see what He can and will do in your life. Follow His ways and commands, and you will be able to see how good those commands really are.

Throughout history, millions have tried Jesus and found out that He is really GOOD. Are you willing to try Him out?

If you have already started to follow Jesus, are you willing to go to a new level with Him? Try God out at a higher level than ever before.

Taste Him today and see if He really is as good as others say.

I pray today that you will know God in a personal way; that you will trust God with all your heart; that you will taste God in new ways; and that you know that God is good.


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