Psalm 5:7 In His House

But I, by your great love, can come into your house; in reverence I bow down toward your holy temple. Psalm 5:7

David could see all of his enemies around him. He knew that they did not follow God and asked God to destroy them because of their wickedness. David recognized that it was only by God’s great love that he had the ability to enter His temple, God’s house.

There are two places mentioned in the Bible where God makes it His home or place of dwelling. The physical one is the temple or church building. The other is in the heart’s of believers. As David wrote this passage, he was talking about the physical temple, where God dwelt. It was symbolic of meeting with God directly.

Entering the house of God was not something that David took lightly. It was considered a holy place, only for those who are holy. He also knew that he did not deserve to be allowed to enter it.

Many people go to church, just because they are supposed to do it. They see going to church as just another thing to check off on their “being good” list in life. Seldom is it recognized as a place to meet God in as a group.

As a believer, any place that you meet God can be considered His house. It is not just the church building. Regardless of where it is at, it must be seen as a privilege granted only by the great love and grace of God.

God does not have to allow anyone into His place. By all rights, you and everyone else should be killed by God, because of sin.

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God provided a way into His house. Never forget the price that was paid in order for  you to enter God’s house.

Do not take entering His house lightly. Enter with reverence to God. Worship God as you enter His house. Serve God with everything in you as you enter His house.

God will make His dwelling place, house, anywhere He is welcomed. Are you allowing God to make His house in your life?

Do you know the great love and mercy God had on you in order for you to enter His house?

Give God praise and honor today.

I pray today that you will know God’s love and mercy on you; that you will know the presence of God in your life; and that you will worship God all the days of your life.

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