Psalm 2:1 Questions

Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? Psalm 2:1

The psalmist asks two questions in this one sentence. He is wondering why the nations conspire and why the people plot in vain. He was watching how nations were plotting things against God.

These are questions that believers have asked over and over throughout all history. As a person looks at the world and how it is being run, it often appears that non-believers are winning the battle. Individual people are growing in power and strength in sinful ways. Many may even begin to wonder if God is in control.

Later in this psalm, the writer points out that God is still in control and actually laughs at the plotting the nations are doing. Believers who are strong in the Lord, will know this. They will know that God is still in control. At this point the questions the psalmist asked rise up.

If a person fully believes that God is in complete control, watching someone plan something against Him appears to be very foolish.

If a person was to say he was going to lift a two ton truck up by hand, and begins to do it. Most people would look at him and say he was crazy. Why would he attempt such a thing, because no one can lift something that heavy? People would question his sanity or his plan.

The plotting of the world against God is even more crazy than lifting that truck by hand. As a believer, you know that God is in control. God looks at the actions of this world and uses them to His purpose. He allows some things and stops other things from happening.

In your own life, there may be times when you have chosen to set a course in your life that went against God’s plan for you. There may be times when God allows it, but other times God intervenes and stops your plans.

The important thing as a believer, is that you allow God to remain in complete control of your life. Allow God to plan your life. Do not plan or conspire without God in the center. It does not make sense and God will still win in the end.

Question yourself on why you are doing what you are doing. Is it for God? Or for self?

I pray today that you will know God’s plan for your life; that you will walk in God’s plan; that you will not do anything against God; and that you will be His witness on this earth.


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