2 Chronicles 30:7 Be Different

“Do not be like your parents and your fellow Israelites, who were unfaithful to the LORD, the God of their ancestors, so that he made them an object of horror, as you see.” 2 Chronicles 30:7

Hezekiah had become king and had the temple cleaned up and rededicated to God. He called for a celebration of the Passover for the first time in many years. With that call he sent a letter to all the people of Judah and Israel to return to God. Hezekiah urged the people to not be like their parents and other Israelites, who had walked away from God, but to dedicate themselves to God.

In America, during the 60s-70s, many homes had some belief in Jesus. Talk of Jesus was heard in many places. It was expected that a person would go to church on Sundays. Businesses were closed on Sundays so that people could go to church.

During the 1980’s a lot of that changed. People stopped seeing the need to go to church, businesses opened up on Sundays, acceptance of sin became more open, and the decline of morals became more steep. Since then the world and the nation has become even more open and promoting of sin in every part of a person’s life.

Today many young people, who now believe in Jesus, have not brought up in a Christian home. They were not brought up knowing Jesus, but learned of Him later in life.

You may be one of those who came to Jesus later. If you are, you are to be different from your parents. Do not follow the ways of your parents if they did not follow the ways of God.

You are also to be set apart, different from those around you…the world. As the world pushes sin more and more, you must stand out against sin. Refuse to step into sin and be a part of it.

Living in sin will bring on the wrath of God and no peace. Living for God will bring the favor and peace of God, despite any thing that is going on.

Are you blending in with the world?

Or are you being separate from the world?

I pray today that you will know Jesus in your life; that you will reject sin in your life; that God will strengthen you to be separate from the world, and that you will not conform to the ways of this world.

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