Giving Proper Honor

Recently in the news, there has been many articles about various people showing dishonor while the national anthem is being played. This has spread into the schools where students are now kneeling down while the anthem is played or even during the national and state pledges.

The reason many are kneeling is because of their anger against the prejudice treatment that their people had received from Americans for many years in the past. It is primarily focused on the treatment of black African-Americans.

It is true that there were many who were treated badly by the majority of Americans in this country. It is factual that many were enslaved and later treated as second-rate citizens once slavery was abolished. It is also true that racism still exists all over the nation.

Treating people in a wrong manner is a sin and has always been a sin. When a nation does not keep the focus on Jesus and living as Jesus would, then sin will abound. As long as Jesus is not the center of every person’s life in a nation all types of sin will continue.

People are selfish and think that they are the center of the universe. This has been the way of people since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and will continue until Jesus returns and does away with all sin in the lake of fire.

Although it is true that racial prejudice and wrong treatment of people has occurred time and again in the nation, it does not take away the good that a nation has done.  It does not wipe out the fact that many people fought to abolish slavery and the wrong treatment of people.

The one thing that people need to keep in mind is that every person in this nation, and every other nation, has done some wrong to another person at one time or another. Every person has been guilty of going with the crowds in wrongful treatment of others at some point or another.

One common area that this occurs is in the schools. Every school has a students who do not “fit in” with the “in” crowd. They get shunned and ridiculed because of how they look or act. Many kids will treat those who are different badly. Very few kids will stand up for the rights of those who are different. Most will go with the crowds in the treatment of others, but there are those who will do the right thing as much as possible.

Keeping this in mind, then those who are kneeling down in protest against America because of past wrongs, are most likely guilty of some of the same wrongs being done.

Jesus had spoke to the leaders of the temple about this very issue. A woman had been caught in adultery and the leaders wanted to stone her according to the law. Jesus answer was anyone who was without sin be the first to throw the first stone at her. No one could throw that stone, because each one knew that they were guilty of sin.

It is easy to stand out against some wrong done in the life of someone else. It is easy to protest against wrongs being done in the past of someone else’s life. However, it is different if one was to look at his own life closely through the eyes of God.

Paul said that each person is to give what he owes. The things that he directly points out in owing is taxes, revenue, respect and honor. There have been many people who are due a lot of honor in this nation, both in the present and in the past.

Despite many of the wrongs that America as a whole has done, there have been many things that have been done right. Slavery was first abolished in America. The right to freedom of religious belief was founded in America. The rights of many people were gained in America.

It is true that America is not perfect yet, nor will ever be. Yet, despite all the wrongs done there are many things done right. There have been many men and women who have died fighting for many of the rights that everyone enjoys today. To take a knee in protest against the national anthem is to tell those people who did the right things that what they did does not mean anything.

As a believer, you must be willing to show honor to whom honor is due. You must also show love to everyone, including your enemies. Believers are to do good to those who treat you wrong, this includes showing honor where it is due.

There are many Christians who are making very harsh statements against those who are taking a knee during the national anthem. They are treating those people in a wrong way and not showing any love. No one is to condone any wrongs being done, but it does not stop the need to show proper love and honor where it is due, and love is due everywhere. You cannot love someone too much, unless your love for that person pulls you away from God.

How is your Christian love showing in your life today? Does it look the same as the love Jesus has shown you?

Are you showing the honor that you should to those you should show it? Or are you being disrespectful and angry with others?


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