Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Title: Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How To Become A Network Marketing Rock Star
Sarah Robins
Publisher: Rockin’ Robbins Publishing
Date: 2013

As the title suggests this book is about network marketing. This is selling a product from your home to people you know and meet. The author does not try to sell her product, but just tells what she had done and how it worked for her in her business. No where in the book does she state what she sells.

She goes into very good detail on how to get started in a business and the value of a network marketing business. Just selling products will make some money, but the idea of getting others to purchase and sell the products makes even more money.

In order to do this it comes down to being willing to talk to people about your products and business, from purchasing to becoming a distributor also. The process includes training and learning yourself, and training and teaching others. Belief in your product and business and lots of hard work is a must, but with persistence it can pay off later with a great residual income.

This book does not in any way show anything Christian in it, nor is it against God in any way. It is a very easy short book to read.

Although I do not have a business or products to sell, I did learn some very great points. I believe that every believer is a salesman or saleswoman. If you love and follow Jesus, you will follow His command to go and make disciples of everyone.

The process of going is to go out and make contacts with people. You are selling them the idea that God loves them and wants a relationship with them. Then you are to train the people to go out and do the same. Applying the principles in this book to the Christian walk can help you become an effective witness for Jesus. It is what I would call using the things of this world for God’s use.


9 thoughts on “Rock Your Network Marketing Business

    • That is an interesting question. Any business that you want to get into takes some type of initial investment, regardless of what it is.

      For example: if I want to start a lawn mowing business, I must invest in lawn mowers, weed eaters, and blowers, plus the vehicle to haul the equipment in.

      Once you have the equipment, you must get the word out that you have the business. This can be done without a lot of cost, but it will most likely require some investment.
      Although just talking to people is free, to get a wide spread, large group to purchase your product, you will need to use the internet to network market a larger market. This is where a higher investment starts to come in. The investment does not to be thousands of dollars, but will usually cost a hundred dollars or more per year to get it going. The challenge is to use the money to network with the best results.
      Using Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, and other media sources is a great way to get free networking with other people.

      There are many ways to network, and not any one is the best way. Each is different and meets different needs. Not every one of them is the best for every person. You have to try different things out and see what works best for you.
      Thanks for your comment. Best wishes on any endeavors that you may try.

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