1 Kings 3:5 Asking God For Something

At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon during the night in a dream, and God said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” 1 Kings 3:5

Solomon was made king and his kingdom was firmly established. At some point near the beginning of his reign, God came to him in a dream and asked Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted. He was given a free ticket to get whatever he desired from God.

Many people read this about Solomon and wish that God would ask them to ask for whatever they want from Him. They are jealous because they feel that they have never been asked that as Solomon was.

As much as most people feel that God has not given permission to ask of Him for something, it is not true. Jesus had stated in John 14:13-14, that a believer can ask for anything in His name and He (Jesus) would do it. This statement was given to every believer that was ever to believe in Him.

God is there for you, not against you. God is a good Father who wants to give you good things at all times. He is not looking down from heaven and seeing a person who is a sinner and planning to destroy you. He sees you as a child of His that He wants to have a great relationship with. Either you need to start that relationship or you are already in that relationship with Him.

The challenge is in determining what to ask for from God. Most people begin by asking things that are selfish and have nothing to do with building God’s kingdom and being His witness here on this earth. Seek out what God would want you to have and ask for those things.

Take a moment and realize how much God loves you. Be free to go to Him with your desires and concerns in this life. Do not be afraid to ask God for something. Then believe that He has heard you and loves you.

I pray today that you will know God’s will for your life; that you will hear God speaking to you; that you will not be afraid to ask God for anything; and that you will know that God will only give you the things that are best for you.


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