Deuteronomy 25:13 Don’t Use Different Weights

Do not have two differing weights in your bag–one heavy, one light. Deuteronomy 25:13

During the times of the Israelites in the Old Testament, a lot of the purchasing of items was done with measuring the weight of different items. They would measure the weight of gold or silver to pay for a product. There were some people who carried two different weights with them. One was heavier than the other. This was done to cheat a person and get a lower price when buying something, or to get a higher price when selling something. Moses tells them not to do this because it is dishonest.

In modern times, most people do not measure the money by weight. Many items are sold by weight, but not purchased by weight.

However, the honesty still needs to be the same in all areas of life. Today, people will have different attitudes towards different people. They will treat different people very differently.

Others will work differently when the boss is around than when he is gone. Or they will take little things that are the companies items for their own personal use.

Many believers also have differing characteristics when in church or around other believers versus at home and around non-believers.

All of these actions are found in how much integrity a person has. How honest is the person in public and in private?

Integrity is doing the correct thing at all times, regardless who it involves, is around or the consequences of doing the correct thing. Having differing weights in your bag would be a break down in your integrity. It would not be doing things honestly.

How is your bag filled today when you go out into life?

Is your heart filled with the love and integrity that Jesus had?

Or is it filled with a mixed style of weights, changing to meet your own needs and desires at each moment and situation?

I pray today that you heart will be filled with the integrity of Jesus; that you will treat all people as Jesus would treat them; that you will be filled with the honesty of God; and that you will be the same for God, no matter who you are around or where you go.



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