Deuteronomy 17:1 Don’t Sacrifice Your Least

Do not sacrifice to the LORD your God an ox or a sheep that has any defect or flaw in it, for that would be detestable to him. Deuteronomy 17:1

After laying down the regulations on the many different types of sacrifices that were to be done, Moses points out to not give an animal with any defect in it. Animals with a defect in them were detestable to God and He did not want them. It would render the sacrifice worthless.

People know that they should give offerings to God and many try to give some type of offering. The way many give, however, is not in a good way. They give out of obligation or guilt rather than love for God. This can be seen in what they give and how they give it.

Today, believers do not have to give sacrifices to God of animals. The sacrifices today are of time, money and other things. Money is only given after all the bills and fun expenses are paid for. It is the bottom of the barrel or left over money that is given as a sacrifice.

Others will give things to those in need, but the objects given are the leftovers or the things no longer wanted and are worn out.

In other words, the things given are defective. These are the things not wanted or given out of guilt, rather than love.

God wants you to give from a loving, caring heart. This giving of a sacrifice to either Himself or to someone else must be done with the best, not the least. Remember that a sacrifice is something that is given up that will cost you something. It is something given that is not easy to give.

Once given, you must trust God to meet your needs, because you have given up something that is needed for yourself also. Just as the Israelites could have used the animal given, you can use what is given.

How are you giving to God today?

Are you sacrificing your best?

Or are you getting rid of what you no longer want?

I pray today that you will give only your best to God; that you will trust God to meet your needs; that you will sacrifice out of love for God and others; that your sacrifices will be acceptable to God; and that God will touch many through your giving.


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