Leviticus 8:24 Ordination Of The Priests

“Moses also brought Aaron’s sons forward and put some of the blood on the lobes of their right ears, on the thumbs of their right hands and on the big toes of their right feet. Then he splashed blood against the sides of the altar.” Leviticus 8:24

After going over many of the required sacrifices, Moses now ordinates Aaron’s sons to be priests in the tabernacle. He follows the rules that God had laid out for him. After sacrificing an animal, he splashes blood on the right ear, thumb and big toe of each man to go through ordination for service to God.

Most people today would cringe at the idea of having animal blood put on them. It is not a practice that is done any more. Just the thought of getting blood on yourself is not very appealing. The only people who do not really cringe at this is those who are hunters and clean their own meat.

The idea of the blood being put on the sons shows the consecration to God. It is a representation of the cleansing from all sin. Remember that once a person had sinned, something or someone had to die to get rid of that sin. Once guilty, always guilty. Today we have the blood of Jesus sprinkled on us to cleanse from all sin.

The location of the blood is also important. Being put on the ear, shows consecrating what you hear. Who are you listening to? The world, or God?

The right thumb consecrates what you are to do. Are you doing what the world wants? Or are you doing what God wants you to do?

The big thumb consecrates where you go. Where are you going with your life? Are you going where the world wants you to go? Or are you going on the mission field that God wants you to do?

Allow Jesus to consecrate your ears, thumbs and feet with His blood. Allow God to guide your everything you hear, do and where you go. Be sold out completely for God.

God can and will use you to do great things for Him, if you allow Him to do so.

I pray today that you will allow Jesus to consecrate you fully to His work; that you will only listen to what God has for you; that you will do the work God has for you to do; and that your whole life will be dedicated to God alone.



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