Exodus 29:20 Being Fully Consecrated

“Slaughter it, take some of its blood and put it on the lobes of the right ears of Aaron and his sons, on the thumbs of their right hands, and on the big toes of their right feet. Then splash blood against the sides of the altar.” Exodus 29:20

One of the requirements that God had made was for Aaron and his sons to be made consecrated holy to Him. They were going to be the high priests in the tabernacle for all of the Israelites. In the process of being made holy was having blood put on their right ear, right thumb, and big toe on their right foot.

Blood was the way God had chosen to cleanse a person and make him holy. Once a person had sinned there had to be a sacrifice for that sin. Until Jesus came, the sacrifice was animals. God used the blood to consecrate Aaron and his sons.

The first place that was consecrated was the ear. This is where the person has to hear from God. When you are not following Jesus, your ear is tuned into the world and its ways. It has to be cleansed of sin so that you can hear clearly what God is saying.

Next, the thumb of their right hand was made holy. Until you follow Jesus, your hand finds things to do that are of this world. They are sinful, selfish things. Once cleansed, your hands can find things to do for God. God wants you to be servant to others.

The last spot cleansed was the big toe of the right foot. This allows a person to go where God wants them to go. The Israelites were to follow God through the desert into the promised land. Today Jesus wants you to go out and be His witness and make disciples of everyone.

Today, you do not have to offer sacrifices of animals in order to be consecrated or made holy. Jesus has done that for you. His blood was shed to make you holy.

Have you allowed the blood of Jesus to make your ears, hands and feet holy to Him?

Are you listening to what God is saying?

Are you doing what God wants?

Are you going where God wants you to go?

I pray today that you will allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse you of all sinful ways; that you will live your life for Jesus; that you will hear the words of God; that you will do what God wants; and that you will go where God wants you to go.


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