March 13, 2019 Promise Of God

2 Samuel 22_33-34


Psalm 18:33 A Solid Stand

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. Psalm 18:33

David is giving God praise throughout this psalm for His protection and provision. David gives God the credit for giving him strength and wisdom for battle, and for overcoming his enemies. He knows that he is standing firm only because God planted his feet firmly.

The example given is David was given the feet like that of a deer. Deer are amazing to watch as they run along. Regardless of the brush and unevenness of the ground the deer always seem to know exactly where to place their feet to keep moving forward quickly. Then they can, with amazing speed and agility, jump over a fence that they had been running alongside of, as though it was not even there.

Not only does say that God gave him feet like a deer, he also states that God made him stand on high places. Watching deer up on a high mountain can also be amazing. They run or stand along the edges of a deep crevice as though it was all on level ground. Some deer are also known for going down extremely steep sides of the mountain with great skill and agility.

The challenge with standing on a high place, is that it is only one step from danger. One wrong move can cause a fall, ending in a major disaster or death. A person can climb up the path of Pike’s Peak in Colorado all the way to the top at over 14,000 feet. On parts of the path it is only about five or six feet from the mountain wall to the drop off of over 2,000 feet straight down. One must watch his step or it can be a danger.

As a believer, you also must watch all of your steps. No matter where you are in your walk with God,  you are only one step away from sin. Trust in God to place your feet where they need to be.

Do not be afraid of where God is placing  you in this life. He has you there to be His witness and to build you up to be like Jesus. You may be on a high place to shine the light of Jesus to this dark world.

I pray today that you will allow God to strengthen your feet; that you will walk only where God wants you to walk; that you will be firm in your stand for God; and that God will use you to be His witness in this world.

Psalm 17:5 Where Do You Walk?

My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled. Psalm 17:5

David was crying out to God to hear his prayer. His enemies were surrounding him and trying to destroy him. As he calls out to God, he knows that God hears him. He tells God that he has held to His paths and he does not stumble in any way.

David was known as a man after God’s own heart and the apple of God’s eye. For most of his life, he strived to obey all of God’s rules and serve God with his life. There were times when David had messed up and chose a wrong path, but almost immediately he realized his mistake and repented of his choice. In this way he held to the paths of God, without really stumbling.

Holding to a path means that one will stay on that path and follow it regardless of the directions it is going. There are times when a person may be traveling on a highway through the mountains that the road appears to take a wrong turn. The ultimate goal may be to get to the west side of the mountains, and suddenly the path turns south, then back east for a ways.

One may wonder why it is going the wrong way, or may wonder if he missed a turn somewhere along the way. The driver must trust the maps and the road will get him to the location desired.

In life, God is always guiding your steps, on the path He has set out for you. It may appear at times that God has left you or that you failed and are on the wrong path. Troubles will occur and it will seem that you have somehow got onto the wrong path.

You must know the path God has set out for you, and trust God completely. Hold on to the path that He has set out for you. Do not allow yourself to stumble on that path. God’s path is straight and narrow because it is only through Jesus.

Follow Jesus and you will remain on the path God has for you.

What road are you walking on today?

The world’s?

Or God’s?

I pray today that you will know the path God has for you; that God will guide your every step; that you God will strengthen your walk with Him; and that you will not fear the path God has for you.

Exodus 29:20 Being Fully Consecrated

“Slaughter it, take some of its blood and put it on the lobes of the right ears of Aaron and his sons, on the thumbs of their right hands, and on the big toes of their right feet. Then splash blood against the sides of the altar.” Exodus 29:20

One of the requirements that God had made was for Aaron and his sons to be made consecrated holy to Him. They were going to be the high priests in the tabernacle for all of the Israelites. In the process of being made holy was having blood put on their right ear, right thumb, and big toe on their right foot.

Blood was the way God had chosen to cleanse a person and make him holy. Once a person had sinned there had to be a sacrifice for that sin. Until Jesus came, the sacrifice was animals. God used the blood to consecrate Aaron and his sons.

The first place that was consecrated was the ear. This is where the person has to hear from God. When you are not following Jesus, your ear is tuned into the world and its ways. It has to be cleansed of sin so that you can hear clearly what God is saying.

Next, the thumb of their right hand was made holy. Until you follow Jesus, your hand finds things to do that are of this world. They are sinful, selfish things. Once cleansed, your hands can find things to do for God. God wants you to be servant to others.

The last spot cleansed was the big toe of the right foot. This allows a person to go where God wants them to go. The Israelites were to follow God through the desert into the promised land. Today Jesus wants you to go out and be His witness and make disciples of everyone.

Today, you do not have to offer sacrifices of animals in order to be consecrated or made holy. Jesus has done that for you. His blood was shed to make you holy.

Have you allowed the blood of Jesus to make your ears, hands and feet holy to Him?

Are you listening to what God is saying?

Are you doing what God wants?

Are you going where God wants you to go?

I pray today that you will allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse you of all sinful ways; that you will live your life for Jesus; that you will hear the words of God; that you will do what God wants; and that you will go where God wants you to go.

John 13:7 Understanding What Jesus is Doing

“Jesus replied, You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7

Jesus is preparing to die on the cross. He and the disciples are sitting down for their last meal together before Jesus is crucified. Jesus begins to wash their feet, starting with Peter. Peter could not understand this. Jesus tells him that later he will understand why He washed his feet.

It was customary for feet to be washed before eating or going into someone’s house. Remember, back then they wore sandals in the dusty, sandy land, and they walked everywhere. Their feet were dirty. If the host was very wealthy, he would have a servant there to wash the feet of the guests. If the host did not have a servant, he would just provide a bowl and water for the guests to wash their own feet. Hosts never washed the feet.

Peter knew all of this and could not understand why Jesus would wash his feet. Later Jesus explains that He came to serve and not be served. He then tells them that they must also, just like Himself, serve others. They must be willing to wash the feet of other people.

The focus of today’s blog though is on Peter not understanding what Jesus was doing. In life today, often you may be going through something you do not understand. You may be wondering why God is having you go through it. Why are you going through a hard time? Why did things seem to work out in the negative?

Many believers will question God at these points. Most cannot seem to find an answer. The answers to these questions come in trusting God. When the time is right God will reveal the answer.

God is always doing something in your life. There are two main reasons for His work in your life. One is to make you more like Jesus. The second is to help someone else become more like Jesus.

In time you may understand why you went through what you did. Are you willing to trust God until that time? Are you willing to let Jesus do what He needs to do in and through you?

I pray today that you will allow Jesus to work in your life; that you will allow Jesus to work through your life; that you will trust Jesus in all of His actions; that you will wait for God’s answers to your questions; and that Jesus will be exalted in and through your life.