Exodus 27:20 Keep The Light Burning

“Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.” Exodus 27:20

One of the articles in the tabernacle was the lampstand. This lampstand had three branches for lights on each side of the main stand in the center. The light in it was from burning a wick that was in oil. The Israelites were to provide the oil for it in order to keep it burning day and night continually.

Throughout the Bible oil is seen has a physical representation of the Holy Spirit of God being put on a person. Priests, kings, and prophets were all anointed with oil. This was showing that they had God’s presence on them for the position they were taking. Having the Holy Spirit in the life of the person gives him the needed power and guidance to do the work God has called him to do.

Jesus told the disciples that they were the light of the world. Now, centuries later, you are also that light of the world, if you believe in Jesus. Jesus said that you are to keep that light shining and not hide it anywhere.

In order to keep the light of God shining in your life, you must be continually filled with His Holy Spirit…the oil of God. God’s Holy Spirit can give you the life you need to be the witness you need to be. He will give you the strength and power to do God’s work. He will give you the directions you need to finish the work. He will not allow the light to burn out.

Let God fill you with His Holy Spirit today. Do not allow the oil to run out and then allow the light to die out. Keep the light of Jesus shining brightly in your life today and everyday. Let the whole world see that you are a follower of Jesus. Let them know that you have what it takes to have life abundantly and for eternity. Let them know that they can have that life also.

Are you allowing God’s Holy Spirit to fill your life?

Are you allowing the light of Jesus to shine in your life continually?

Or have you let the light burn out?

I pray today that you will allow God to fill you with His Holy Spirit; that you will allow God’s light to shine in your life; that you will not allow the light of Jesus to grow dim in your life; and that you will be a light for all of the world to see to draw them to Jesus.


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