Live, Love, Lead

Title: Live Love Lead
Author: Brian Houston
Publisher:Faith Words
Date: 2015
Pages: 258

The author, Brian Houston, is the founder and senior pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia. It is among the fastest growing churches in the world and has satellite churches around the world. It was through the worship leaders of this church that many of the current worship songs in churches was produced.

Brian tells of many stories of the struggles he, his family, and the church had to go through that brought them to where they are today. People will often look at someone like him and think that he has it made and that it was easy for him to build such a large church. When they try to accomplish something and run into roadblocks, they get discouraged and quit thinking that God will never use them as he did Brian.

Some of the challenges that he had to go through would have ran many people off and made others stop believing in God. He knew that he had a vision from God as to what he was supposed to do and he stayed focused on accomplishing that vision.

In each chapter he does not just talk about himself, but also how you can learn from what he went through and how to use it in your own life. It does not matter if your a leader in the church or just a person who attends church and works a job somewhere, God can use you if you let Him do it.

The ultimate focus is on living as Jesus lived, loving as Jesus loved, and leading as Jesus led. He uses many scriptures to back up what he is saying and has experienced.

In the end he points out that God has great things in store for you to do. Are you willing to run with God and do what He has for you to do?

I encourage you to read this and see what God challenges you to do in your own life. Even though he is the senior pastor, it is for every believer regardless your position in the church or in life. It is also for the young person as well as the elder one.

2 thoughts on “Live, Love, Lead

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    P.s. This comment is towards all of your blog posts because they are all equally amazing and incredible, keep up the great work (:


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