Teaching To Change Lives

Title: Teaching To Change Lives
Author: Dr. Howard Hendricks
Publisher: Multinomah Books
Date: 1987
Pages: 152

Dr. Hendricks was a professor at the Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. His focus of his teaching was in Christian Leadership. One of the things that he was passionate about was education. In this book he looks at what he calls “seven laws of teaching”.

Although the focus of this book is primarily upon teaching Sunday School classes or in ministry type classes, the information given can be used by any teacher, any where, teaching any subject. The methods taught are not strictly Christian or non-Christian. They do have Christian principles, but are good for any one to use. The author uses Scripture throughout the book to emphasize what the methods are to bring teaching alive in the classroom.

The seven laws are:
* The Law of the Teacher
* The Law of Education
* The Law of Activity
* The Law of Communication
* The Law of Heart
* The Law of Encouragement
* The Law of Readiness

At first glance it looks like he is talking about a bunch of rules and regulations, but that is not the case. He wants a person who is going to teach to be passionate about what they are teaching and knowing and understanding what they are teaching. In order to teach, the students must be engaged and encouraged. The information must be communicated well. The heart of the teacher must be in it for the information and for the student.

Think about the different classes you may have been in at some time in your life. Which ones did you really love and learn from? Usually they were the ones in which the teacher cared about you and made it fun to learn.

Regardless of who you are teaching, children or adults, the applications remain the same. The only difference is the words and methods change.

This book is easy to read and understand and will challenge you in your teaching if you do any at all. At the end of the book the author sets up a small study guide to go over what was said in each chapter and challenges the reader to apply it in teaching students.

If you do any teaching or are looking at doing some in the future I would highly recommend reading this book. Do not allow your classroom to be dead and boring, make it come alive.


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