Galatians 6:2 Helping Others

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Jesus had not given very many commands, but one of them was to love everyone. This included neighbors, friends, family, and even the enemy. For one to love God, he must love others. One of the best ways to prove that love was in carrying their burdens.

A burden is a heavy load. The level of that weight really does not matter, it is just that for that person it is heavy. Every person has some type of heavy load that they have to deal with.

In the workplace, workers are told to be careful in carrying a heavy load. If the weight of an item is over a certain amount of weight, the person must get a second person to help carry the load. The purpose of this is to keep from injuring the back when lifting the load.

When several people have a hand on a heavy load, they can easily carry something that not one of them could carry on their own. The weight is evenly distributed among all of them. It is now a light weight for each, rather than an extremely heavy weight for one.

Life brings about many different types of heavy burdens for every person. For one it could be a medical issue, for another it could be finances, or housing, or a vehicle, or marital problems, or issues at work, or one of an infinite number of other things.

You have probably gone through some of these burdens. In having carried those burdens, you have grown stronger. Now you have the opportunity to help someone else carry their burden that is similar. Give another person a helping hand, or extra money or food. Try to ease the burden that they must carry.

Jesus took your burden of sin, that was killing you, away. It was too heavy for you to carry. Now that He has lightened your load, go out and help others with their burdens. Ask God to guide you in to how to help someone else out. Be a servant and a helper to someone today. Fulfill the law of Christ–to love everyone.

I pray today that God will show you ways to help carry the burdens of others; that God will give you the strength to help; that God will send others alongside you to help carry your burdens; and that God’s kingdom will be built through your service.


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