A Touching Letter To Teachers

I work at a public school as a permanent substitute teacher. On Aug 23, the night before school started up again, I received an email from one of the teachers to all the teachers that she was having a prayer meeting the following morning. That prayer meeting was going to be at 7:20am, before school started. It was a time for any teachers who wanted to be a part of it to come and pray for each other, all the teachers and staff, and all the students.

I told some of my children about it. One of my boys was excited about the idea that teachers in a non-Christian public school were getting together to pray. He told me he wished he could go to it, but was unable to do so. Instead he chose to write a letter to the teachers. This is what he wrote:

Dear teachers and staff members of Jane Long middle school.

My name is Kyle Arn 3rd oldest of Tom Arn. I am 17 years old and in my senior year in high school. Many of you may know that I am homeschooled. I have recently heard that the teachers of Jane Long are meeting together early to pray for the school. As much as I wish I could be there right now saying this in person I cannot. However I would like you to know that as a student it is rare to have teachers and schools that are praying not only for you to have an impact but that God has an impact as well. As a student I would like to thank you for praying I would like you to know that I am praying to. As someone who stands outside of the public school we can often begin to judge based on appearance. But from what I have learned from my Dad being in the school system I have heard of the good things God has done I have also heard the not so good things. I know your school is not perfect but God has blessed it. I pray that all of you are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God. I hope that you realize that the choices you are making to teach these students shall forever be remembered. I pray that God be your guidance and that you all have a great year.

I shared it with the teachers that came to the prayer meeting. They were all touched and stated they wished every teacher could see that letter. I then chose to share it by email with every staff member of the school. It touched many hearts. I was very blessed that my son did this on his own choosing.

If you are a teacher this is for you. If you know of a teacher please share it with them. May you be blessed by this letter.

I know my son is praying for all teachers everywhere all the time. Know that there are other boys and girls out there praying for teachers also. God will use teen-agers to touch the world with His love and care.


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