See You At The Pole

September 28th was the day set for the 2016 See You At The Pole prayer time. It is a time for students, teachers, and anyone else who desires to meet around the flagpole of their school to pray. They take the time to pray for their school and all of the students and teachers in the school.

Prayer had been removed from public schools in 1962. In 1990 some students in Texas started to gather around the flagpole at their school on a set day in order to prayer for the school, their classmates, and teachers. Over time it has grown nation-wide and internationally into several other countries.

While many groups of people and organizations desire that the meeting be banned, it has been given clear allowance by the supreme court under the freedom of speech for the students.

At the middle school that I work at in central Texas, they had a group gather for the See You At The Pole prayer. There were approximately 12 students, plus about seven teachers and myself. It was my first time to be involved with this prayer time, though several of my children had been involved in the past.

During this time everyone had held hands while standing around the pole. Our flagpole is located right outside the main front entrance to the building and next to the parking lot, where students are dropped off for school. As we were praying several dozen parents had driven up to drop off their children. Many other students came walking up that walk to school. Along with all of those people seeing us, the school sits on the edge of a major four lane road running around the town, and all those people driving by could see us as we prayed.

Several of the students were brave enough to pray out loud while there. One of the girls prayed a prayer that was several minutes long. She prayed for the students, teachers, and their families. She had prayed that they may know Jesus, be safe, learn or teach, and work together. It was a very beautiful prayer.

Along with the students several of the teachers also prayed a prayer for the school and students.

Later in the day, I had several students that said they had seen me standing there praying. Several said that had forgotten that it was going on and wished they would have been there. One student even thanked me for praying for them.

When you read the news, you hear a lot of bad, negative news happening all the time. One thing that is very common is the idea of separation of church and state, that God is not allowed in the public schools. However true that may be in some places, I know that in the town I live in, God is not kicked out of the schools. There are many students who are not afraid to take a stand for Jesus. There are many teachers that make it clear that they believe in Jesus.

Although the world would like to make you think that God is not real and not in control, it is not true. God is still alive and He has believers everywhere. There is no place that there is not a believer. As I walk through the school I am in, I see many students with Christian shirts on, I hear many students talk about various aspects of God at times, and see some with Bibles.

Even though our government may attempt to block God from being in our public schools, it cannot stop God. God is a Spirit that lives in the lives of His people. His people have access to every school in this nation. As long as there are still believers, God will still be in the schools. Despite the false teachings that can go on in a public school, there are many students who know the real truth and are willing to let that truth be known.

I ask that every time you pass by a school, or think about a school or student, or see a school bus, please pray for the students. Pray that every believing student will stay strong and true to Jesus and will be a bold witness for Jesus. Pray for the believing teachers to stay true to Jesus, and have opportunities to be His witness in the school. Pray for their protection and learning, that they will learn the truth in every subject.


A Touching Letter To Teachers

I work at a public school as a permanent substitute teacher. On Aug 23, the night before school started up again, I received an email from one of the teachers to all the teachers that she was having a prayer meeting the following morning. That prayer meeting was going to be at 7:20am, before school started. It was a time for any teachers who wanted to be a part of it to come and pray for each other, all the teachers and staff, and all the students.

I told some of my children about it. One of my boys was excited about the idea that teachers in a non-Christian public school were getting together to pray. He told me he wished he could go to it, but was unable to do so. Instead he chose to write a letter to the teachers. This is what he wrote:

Dear teachers and staff members of Jane Long middle school.

My name is Kyle Arn 3rd oldest of Tom Arn. I am 17 years old and in my senior year in high school. Many of you may know that I am homeschooled. I have recently heard that the teachers of Jane Long are meeting together early to pray for the school. As much as I wish I could be there right now saying this in person I cannot. However I would like you to know that as a student it is rare to have teachers and schools that are praying not only for you to have an impact but that God has an impact as well. As a student I would like to thank you for praying I would like you to know that I am praying to. As someone who stands outside of the public school we can often begin to judge based on appearance. But from what I have learned from my Dad being in the school system I have heard of the good things God has done I have also heard the not so good things. I know your school is not perfect but God has blessed it. I pray that all of you are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God. I hope that you realize that the choices you are making to teach these students shall forever be remembered. I pray that God be your guidance and that you all have a great year.

I shared it with the teachers that came to the prayer meeting. They were all touched and stated they wished every teacher could see that letter. I then chose to share it by email with every staff member of the school. It touched many hearts. I was very blessed that my son did this on his own choosing.

If you are a teacher this is for you. If you know of a teacher please share it with them. May you be blessed by this letter.

I know my son is praying for all teachers everywhere all the time. Know that there are other boys and girls out there praying for teachers also. God will use teen-agers to touch the world with His love and care.