1 Corinthians 15:33 Bad Company

“Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

Paul had been talking about living, dying and raising from the dead. If there is no resurrection, then there is no purpose in life. At that point one is to just have as much fun as he can while living, since there is no life after death. However, as a believer, one knows that is not the truth.

Now he gives a warning to not be misled. This phrase has been repeated by people over all of history, even to this day: “bad company corrupts good character”.

People are constantly misled by ignoring this warning. Parents have allowed their children to be around another family whose children are of bad character. They think that their children will influence the bad character of the other and change them. Most often it is the other way around, the good character becomes bad.

Good character will not change to bad instantly. It will happen over a longer period of time. Even as an adult, a person will change. Often a man who never curses will go into the Army. While in the Army he is around a massive amount of accepted cursing. Over several years of this, suddenly his language becomes laced with cursing, sometimes to more excess than others.

You will become what you are around. The world is looking at eat, drink, and be merry. God is looking at building you up like Jesus and drawing more to Jesus to save them. Who will you be around?

If you are making your company most often with other believers, you will be encouraged to continue to follow Jesus and do ministry.

This is not to say that you never be around non-believers. You must be around them some to be a witness to them. The difference is who do you hang around with to relax? Who do you spend the most time with? What is the purpose of you being around the people you are with?

Seek God to have the correct balance. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the ways of this world. Do not forget that you have a future in heaven with life forever.

I pray today that God will reveal who your good friends are and who are only of this world; that God will strengthen you to be His witness; that you will not be influenced by this world; and that you will influence others for Jesus.


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