Romans 12:14 Blessing The Persecutors

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.” Romans 12:14

During the time that Paul writes this letter, there was a lot of persecution going on. Christians were being attacked by many and had no personal rights in their country. For a time Paul had been one of those persecuting the Christian believers. The people were going through a hard time. It was easy for someone to curse those who were doing the persecuting, yet, Paul says to bless them.

Persecution can show up in many different forms. Most people think of it as just physical abuse against another person. It is also verbal abuse, refusal to recognize, shunning, overlooking, talking bad about, ridicule and rejection. In the USA these types of abuse are more common than the physical abuse.

The common thread of all types of persecution is the pain. There is pain in the physical, as well as the emotional. A person is hurt in the process.

It is very common for a person to attack those who do any persecution on them. They fight back with violence or bad words. Many will curse the person. One thing in common is that there is no love for those who did the persecution.

Blessing a person is asking God to give them favor and what they need. It is bringing the person something they need or helping to meet a need they have. It is talking good about the persecutor despite all the bad that they are doing. It is forgiving them, even when they have not requested forgiveness or repented of the wrongs done.

Jesus had loved you when you were against Him. When you persecuted Him, He still loved you. As a believer you are to show that same love to others. Do not take revenge or fight back at person. Bless the one who is doing wrong to you.

This blessing will show them the true love of Jesus. It may or may not diffuse their abuse, but it will be a testimony to them of God’s love and power.

Cursing a person does you no good. It only fuels the anger and hurt. You are told to not go to bed angry. Bless them and the anger must leave. You cannot be angry and bless a person.

Who are willing to bless today? Who do you need to bless today?

I pray today that God will reveal His blessings to you; that God will reveal His love for all those who do wrong; that you will be filled with God’s love for those against you; that God will strengthen you to bless those who persecute you; and that you will not curse anyone.


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