Romans 9:27 Only The Remnant Are Saved

“Isaiah cries out concerning Israel: Though the number of the Israelites be like the sand by the sea, only the remnant will be saved.” Romans 9:27

Paul quotes Isaiah 10:22 in this verse. During the time of Isaiah, the nation of Israel was about to be overcome and destroyed as a nation. They had stopped following God and were worshipping idols and He was about to destroy them. Yet, God left a remnant to be saved. There were still a few that followed Him faithfully.

About 600 years later, the quote was able to be used again. The Israelites were refusing to really follow God. This time, however, they were rejecting Jesus in trying to following God. There were several million Israelites, yet only a remnant were going to be saved. Only a few would actually choose to follow Jesus.

Now fast-forward to today and the scene is really no different. Although today one can look at the entire world and all the people of every nation, rather than just Israel. There are approximately 7 billion people on the earth. Estimates say that about 2.2 billion are Christian. This number includes anyone who claims to be Christian. It does not weed out those who never go to church, read the Bible, or pray, but just claim Christ in name only. That number is about 32% of the world’s population.

This means only 1 out of every 3 people claim Jesus is some form or other. Remember that Jesus said not everyone who claims His name will be saved. It is only those who do His will.

There is only a small remnant of people today who will be saved. Only a small remnant who will actually do what God wants them to do. Only a small remnant who will stand strong for God’s ways. Only a small remnant who will strive to be holy as Jesus is holy. Only a small remnant who will be a light in this dark world. Only a small remnant who will love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Only a small remnant who will love their neighbors and enemies as God loves them.

Are you one of the remnant? Or will you be like the many who claim God, but rejected Jesus? Will you be saved in the end?

I pray today that you will love God with everything in you; that you will do the will of God for your life; that you will be a part of His remnant who will be saved; that you will be His witness in this world; and that you will love all others as Jesus loves them.

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