Romans 7:25 Dual Slavery

“Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful nature a slave to the law of sin.” Romans 7:25

Paul was just talking about some of the challenges he was facing in his own life. As a believer he wanted to do the good things God wanted him to do. He wanted to live a righteous and holy life. While at the same time, the sinful nature in him rose up and caused him to continue to sin. He would end up doing what he did not want to do.

As a result of this he knew he was in trouble. This is where God’s great love comes in. God sent Jesus Christ to take away this problem. It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that any believer can have any hope of overcoming the sin in his life.

Now Paul points out that in his mind he is striving to please God, yet his sinful nature is still there to cause him to sin. He is battling between two different masters in his life.

Today many believers have this same challenge. They are wanting to be the holy, righteous believer that Jesus called them to be, yet keep on falling into various sins. They keep running back to Jesus, often in fear that He will give them up as failures.

You may feel the same way right now or at certain times. Jesus will never give up on you. He is always waiting for you to come to Him. You must be willing to trust that He desires to forgive you and help you move on with Him.

The grace and mercy of Jesus allows Him to forgive you. Your heart must be focused on serving God. You must be striving to be like Jesus. Then the sinful nature will be held down more. It will not rise up as powerful. When it does rise up and catch you, you know that you can run back to Jesus again.

God will give you strength to overcome sin more and more as you trust and follow Him more.

Do not allow the sinful nature full control. Stay focused on Jesus today.

I pray today that you will trust in the grace and mercy of Jesus; that you will have a heart towards God; that you will strive to turn from all sin; and that you will not allow yourself to be controlled by your sinful nature.

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