Romans 5:8 Extreme Love

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Paul had just pointed out that suffering ultimately produces hope. This hope is seen in Jesus Christ. He then points out that it is extremely rare for a person to die for another person, and even more rare for a righteous person.

Many try to point to soldiers as dying for others. This is not the same. A soldier does not purposely choose to die. He chooses to go into a situation that he may not survive and is willing to do it, but he still wants to live.

The closest to this type of dying is when a person purposely dies in order to give a body part, such as the heart, to another person who needs it, and in doing so will die. This is usually done for someone they love. I have never heard of it being done for someone who hates them.

God had chosen to show His extreme love for you by having Jesus die for you. Jesus chose to die, it was not a bad situation that He had hoped to survive in. It is extreme love because when Jesus died for you it was while you still hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him.

Jesus died when you were ungodly, unrighteous, and powerless. You had nothing to offer. You had no value, other than you were a human being that God created and loved. The only thing you had to offer God was yourself and your fellowship with Him. As God, who had everything, why would He want that little bit you can give?

It is because of His extreme love for you.

Jesus went through extreme suffering because of the hope He had. The hope that you would accept His sacrifice and follow Him.

This goes back to yesterday’s post about suffering bringing about hope. Jesus went through extreme suffering because of the extreme hope He had.

Are you willing to accept what Jesus did for you? Are you willing to live as He did?

Do you realize the extreme love Jesus has for you? Are you willing to pass on that love to others?

I pray today that you will see the extreme love of Jesus in your life; that you will change your ways to love Jesus more; that you will have the hope that Jesus brought; that you will love others as Jesus loved; and that you will share His love with others.


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