Romans 3:10 No One Is Righteous

“As it is written: There is no one righteous, not even one;” Romans 3:10

Over the years many people have placed a lot of favoritism on the nation of Israel. They have been listed as God’s people with extra special favor. While they are God’s chosen nation, they are no different than any other person.

Paul quotes David in stating that no one is righteous. He even brings out the second part of that in that there is not even one person that is righteous. Both all Israelites and every other person are sinful and not righteous before God. Both need Jesus.

Every where you look you will see many “good” people. They will do many good things for others. These people seem to be selfless and always trying to help out others. They never seem to do anything wrong. The world likes to look at them as a good person and going to heaven.

Yet, God says that there is no one righteous. There is no one who really standing true and right before God in and of themselves.

Who can honestly say that they have never lied? Or never taken something that was not theirs? Or had an angry, impure thought about someone else? Or broke one of the laws of the land that did not go against God’s rules?

Very few people have not broken even one of these laws. Once one of these “little” things were done wrong, a person has become unrighteous and cannot go back to being righteous on his own.

People are selfish at a minimum, looking only to look good for others to see. They are trying to be righteous before God. Yet, the only way a person can become righteous is by faith in the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for his sins.

What are you trusting in today? Are you trusting your good works to get you into heaven? Are you doing good works to look good to others? Are you doing good works to cover up your sins?

Or are you trusting in Jesus? Are you trusting in His grace, mercy and forgiveness? Are you putting on His righteousness?

I pray today that you will see the sin in your life; that you will seek Jesus; that you will trust in the forgiveness Jesus offers you; that you will realize that everyone is in the same position before God.


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