Acts 26:28 Persuasion Opportunity

“Then Agrippa said to Paul, Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?” Acts 26:28

While Paul is being held in Caesarea by Festus, King Agrippa comes to visit Festus. He is given a chance to hear Paul’s statements. Immediately Paul tells his story of how Jesus got a hold of him when he was traveling on the road to Damascus. As he finishes he challenges Agrippa to believe what he knows to be true.

Every believer is supposed to be a witness for Jesus. They are to tell others about who Jesus is and what He has done for them. This telling people is not to be done in secret code or in quiet action, but openly and clearly.

When you are telling a person about Jesus, you must not just stop at the telling. Yes, it is important to tell of what Jesus has done for you and can do for the other person, but there must be more. There must be persuasion.

Persuasion is the urging of a person to do something. The thing they do can be changing thoughts, or actions, or saying something, or physically doing something. It is encouraging the person to do the next step.

As you tell others about Jesus, you need to persuade them to make a choice in whether to believe in Jesus or not. Do not allow the testimony you give to just be some information they hear and forget about in the next five minutes. Seek a response to it.

In the case with King Agrippa, Paul was not able to persuade him at that time, but the challenge was there. King Agrippa realized what Paul was trying to do.

Not every person will believe in Jesus with your testimony. Yet, your testimony should be set in a way to challenge their belief. Do they see what you are doing? Or are you just giving some interesting information?

Every time you speak of your testimony it should be with the idea of drawing someone to believe in Jesus. Give that person the opportunity to believe.

I pray today that God will open doors for you to be His witness; that you will persuade people to believe in Jesus; that people will see your desire for them to believe in Jesus; that the world will be challenged through you; and that many will come to Jesus through you.


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