Acts 7:51 Are You Stiff-necked?

“You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!” Acts 7:51

Stephen was very bold in preaching the gospel message. The leaders of the temple did not like it and brought him in because of it. When they questioned whether the charges were true, Stephen did not answer if they were true or not. He answered by telling all of Israel’s history up through Jesus. He ends telling the people that they are stiff-necked and their hearts are still uncircumcised. They are resisting the Holy Spirit. He was talking to the “religious” people of his day.

Although today most people do not try to claim the genealogical history, as the Israelites could and did, as the reason for their being holy or good, many still claim their past. Some common reasons for being a good person are: going to church, brought up in the church, giving tithe, giving to charities, and just reading and knowing the Bible.

While all of these things are good things, none of them mean a lot if you are not following the Holy Spirit. God’s Holy Spirit will guide and direct you in how to live, what needs to be done, and what needs to be changed.

Many have hardened their hearts to not even hear the Holy Spirit speaking in their life. Others will hear, but refuse to do what is stated. In their mind they are serving and loving God. In their heart they are rejecting Him.

This is being stiff-necked, stubborn in their ways. Many will follow some of the rules of God, but then when God says to be a witness to someone, they stop obeying. When God states to give up a sinful act, often it is excused and kept up.

Do not harden your hearts and ears against the Holy Spirit. Be open to what He is saying and doing in your life. God can and will do many things in and through you if you allow Him to. Do not be a Christian just in words, but in action also. Do not resist what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in your life today.

I pray today that you will open your hearts and ears to the Holy Spirit; that you will allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit; that God will use you to reach many people for Jesus; and that you will be more like Jesus everyday.


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