John 17:4 Finishing the Work

“I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” John 17:4

Jesus was praying for Himself. He wanted to be able to bring God glory. He points out that God gave Him the authority to give eternal life to all who believe in Him. Now Jesus states that He is bringing God the Father glory by His finishing the work that God had given Him to do. That work was to make salvation available to the people.

Jesus came to this earth with a set purpose. The purpose was to fulfill the desires of His Father. God wanted to save the world so much that He sent His Son to do so. In order to save the world, Jesus had to go through a series of steps: be born as a baby, grow up as a human, and die a painful death on a cross.

These steps were not easy ones for Jesus to do, but He did them because of His love for His Father and for the people of this world. Imagine how hard it had to be for Jesus. He was the Almighty, Infinite God that created everything, and now He has to die a painful death for someone who did not love Him at all. Yet, Jesus does it because of His great love for His Father and for you.

God has you on this earth also to do a work for Him. Sometimes that work will be simple, like Jesus going to eat with a tax-collector. Other times it could be glorious, like Jesus healing a blind man. Yet, other times it could be extremely painful, like Jesus going to the cross to save all men.

No one knows how long you will live on this earth except God. You cannot know how long you have to do the works that God has for you to do.

What you do know is that you have today. You need to ask God what work He has for you to do today. Be willing to do that work, regardless of how easy or hard it is. Your work today may be the one that brings someone else to Jesus.

Are you willing to do the work He has for you? Are you finishing the work Jesus has already given you to do?

I pray today that you will know the works God has planned for you; that God will give you the strength to do His work; that God will use you to draw many to Jesus; and that you will finish the work that He has given you to do.

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