John 16:31 Do You Now Believe?

“Do you now believe? Jesus replied.” John 16:31

Jesus had just finished telling the disciples about some of the things that was about to happen. He pointed out that He would have to leave for a time then come back and get them. The disciples stated that now they believe because Jesus was speaking clearly to them. Jesus questions their belief because He knows that soon they will scatter and leave Him alone, which will display unbelief.

It is easy to state that you believe in God or even in Jesus. The majority of the world believes in a god of some sort or another. Many around the world express a belief in Jesus.

Believing in God does not necessarily believing in Jesus. The devil believed God also, yet tried to stop Jesus and refused to follow God.

Believing in Jesus is to take His word as 100% truth. It is doing what He says because you believe it is truth and correct.

Believing in Jesus means that when the going gets rough, you will still stand with Him. When Jesus was sent to the cross, all of the disciples ran away, except Peter, who stayed but denied knowing Him.

How many times do people claim to believe in Jesus, get scared and worried when things start going bad? This is not even talking about persecution…yet. This is just bad events in their lives.

Very few Christians can say that they do not worry at points in their lives. Worry is a common problem for most people. It is forgetting that Jesus is actually in control of everything going on in your life. It is refusing to believe that Jesus is still in control.

Just few verses later Jesus states that He has overcome the world. Do you believe this? Do you believe that Jesus will come again? Do you believe that Jesus will save you? Do you believe that Jesus will provide for all of your needs?

Do you now believe Jesus? Or are you just saying the words? Are you just going through the motions with no heart in it? Are you just trying to look good to other Christian friends?

Do you now believe?

I pray today that Jesus will be more real to you than ever before; that you will know Jesus; that you will believe Jesus; that you will live in that belief in Jesus; and that you will not fear anything in this world because of your belief in Jesus.


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