John 13:7 Understanding What Jesus is Doing

“Jesus replied, You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7

Jesus is preparing to die on the cross. He and the disciples are sitting down for their last meal together before Jesus is crucified. Jesus begins to wash their feet, starting with Peter. Peter could not understand this. Jesus tells him that later he will understand why He washed his feet.

It was customary for feet to be washed before eating or going into someone’s house. Remember, back then they wore sandals in the dusty, sandy land, and they walked everywhere. Their feet were dirty. If the host was very wealthy, he would have a servant there to wash the feet of the guests. If the host did not have a servant, he would just provide a bowl and water for the guests to wash their own feet. Hosts never washed the feet.

Peter knew all of this and could not understand why Jesus would wash his feet. Later Jesus explains that He came to serve and not be served. He then tells them that they must also, just like Himself, serve others. They must be willing to wash the feet of other people.

The focus of today’s blog though is on Peter not understanding what Jesus was doing. In life today, often you may be going through something you do not understand. You may be wondering why God is having you go through it. Why are you going through a hard time? Why did things seem to work out in the negative?

Many believers will question God at these points. Most cannot seem to find an answer. The answers to these questions come in trusting God. When the time is right God will reveal the answer.

God is always doing something in your life. There are two main reasons for His work in your life. One is to make you more like Jesus. The second is to help someone else become more like Jesus.

In time you may understand why you went through what you did. Are you willing to trust God until that time? Are you willing to let Jesus do what He needs to do in and through you?

I pray today that you will allow Jesus to work in your life; that you will allow Jesus to work through your life; that you will trust Jesus in all of His actions; that you will wait for God’s answers to your questions; and that Jesus will be exalted in and through your life.


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