Luke 20:2 Questioning Authority

“Tell us by what authority you are doing these things, they said. Who gave you this authority?” Luke 20:2

While Jesus was teaching the people, various leaders came up to Him questioning Him. They wanted to know how He had the authority or right to speak as He did.

Jesus had been speaking like someone in control. He was not an elected official, nor did He have a titled position in the community.

This type of questioning has not stopped over the years. People in the world are questioning Christians all the time. Christians are accused of being very closed-minded. True Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to get into heaven. The world does not like that idea. That means that they are wrong in what they believe.

As believer take a stand against sinful lifestyles, many are questioning them on whose authority that they can make these statements. Often they will be accused of hating people because of their stand against sin.

In America, the government makes rules allowing all kinds of sinful lifestyles to be lived freely. Believers will often teach against these lifestyles. The world does not see, nor accept their authority. The authority of all believers comes from God Himself.

Jesus had a standard that was perfect and holy. Men must work at trying to live with that standard. No man will ever attain that level, except through Jesus. Despite not attaining, it the level must be aimed for. It must be taught.

You must be willing to stand on God’s Word for your authority. In yourself, you have no authority of any value, but in Jesus you are a leader in this world. The world will not want to recognize it, but it is still there.

Are you living up to the standard God has set? Are you telling others about that standard God has set? Do not allow the world to intimidate you into being quiet. You have God’s authority to teach His word to all the world. Some will accept it, while others will reject it. Do not let that deter you in any way.

I pray today that God will reveal His word to you; that God will give you His wisdom in what to say and when to say it; that you will know the authority God has given you; that you will speak in His love; and that you will be His witness.


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