Luke 12:35 Be Dressed And Ready To Work

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning” Luke 12:35

In this passage Jesus is talking about servants that are up and ready to serve their master. The master may be away at the moment, but he could come in at any moment and the servants need to be ready to do what he wants immediately. In order for them to be ready, they must be awake, dressed, and have the lights on.

Every believer today must also be like those servants. They must be dressed and ready for service.

The first thing is being dressed. As a believer, you should not be dressed like the world is. Do not put on lies, theft, cheating, hypocrisy, or any other worldly sins. What you think and do are the clothing you put on.

You must put on the righteousness of Jesus. Allow the fruit of the Holy Spirit to fill your life. It will make you look very different. It will allow you to be ready to serve.

Next you must keep your lamps burning. The servants had physical lamps to light in order to see in the night. You are living in a dark world spiritually. The light of Jesus must be shining in order to see correctly.

Keep the excitement and joy of knowing Jesus shining brightly in your life. Lift up Jesus at every moment you can. Be the light on a hill so the world can see Jesus. God’s Word is a lamp to your feet. Stay in the Word of God daily.

Once you are dressed and your lamp is burning, be ready to do a service for God. This service may be directly helping other believers, or it may be helping a non-believer. It may be being a witness through action or words. Keep yourself open and ready to do any service when the opportunity opens up. Do not turn from that service.

Be the good servant you are meant to be today.

I pray today that God will help you be dressed for His work to do; that God will show you opportunities to do His work; that you will keep the lamp burning brightly in your life; that you will be willing to be God’s servant; and that God will draw others to Jesus through you.


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