Mark 14:38 Stopping Temptation

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Mark 14:38

Jesus was getting ready to be betrayed and crucified. He went into the garden to spend some time in pray. He told the disciples to pray also. When He came back from praying for an hour He found the disciples asleep. Then He speaks today’s verse.

Jesus states there are two things that a person must do to keep from falling into temptation. The first is to watch.

When a person is watching, he is alert to what is going on around him. He knows when there is trouble starting to occur.

As you watch you will see when temptation starts to arise. You will know trouble when it arrives. At that point you have the ability to turn and flee from it.

If you are not watching you will not see it coming and will fall into temptation and sin.

The second thing stated was to pray. When a person prays, his focus is on God. All of his attention is directed towards God.

When your attention is focused on God, you will not focus on yourself and sinful habits. You will not be looking at the world and what the world has to offer.

During times of prayer, God can fill you with His Holy Spirit to give you strength to turn away from all sin. God can reveal to you ways to get away from the temptations being presented.

Most believers will easily state that they do not want to sin. Their hearts desire is in the right place, but their sinful self gets in the way. Most will fall to the desires of the flesh–sin.

God is Spirit. Your spirit needs to be in tune with God’s Spirit to walk the correct path. Allow your spirit to stay aligned with God’s Spirit. Allow God’s Spirit in you to control your flesh and desires.

Do not allow yourself to fall into temptation. Stay awake and alert and focused on God. Allow God to help you flee from temptation. Do not fall into temptation’s snare.

I pray today that God will keep you alert and watching; that you will stay focused on God; that you will pray continually; and that God will give you strength to flee all temptation.


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