December 5, 2019 Give Thanks

Hebrews 12-28-29

Psalm 81:9 No Other God

Many beliefs

You shall have no foreign god among you; you shall not worship any god other than me. Psalm 81:9 

All over the world there are many different religions and beliefs. Worship of many different ‘gods’ is a common thing to see among religion. Some will even worship many ‘gods’ even within one belief.

There is another type of ‘god’ that many people worship. It is things, self, position, and other people. Focus on get things is the goal of many people. Those ‘things’ can be material things or position, but is the focus of people. It takes all their focus, energy and abilities to get whatever it is they want.

Once they have what it is they want, they begin to worship it. Belief that what they have is what made them who they are or got them to where they are. There is no room for anything else in their lives.

Asaph writes a reminder of one of the ten commandments, that they were not to have or worship any foreign gods. They were only to worship God, Himself.

While the majority of believers claim to believe and worship only God, there are many who tend to worship other ‘gods’. They worship their church, their position, their job, their things, their family and more. All these things are put before God in their own lives.

Any thing, both material and non-material, that is put before God has become a god to the person. As it is before God, it is being worshipped and adored. This does not belong there.

God is the One who created everything that there is, this is His world. It is His kingdom. Those who worship Him, must only worship Him. Anything else is foreign to His house and kingdom.

Believers must not allow anything to come between them and God, or else it is a foreign god that they are worshipping over God.

Take a look at your own life. What is it that takes up your time and focus? If it is anything other than God, then it is a ‘god’ that is foreign and must be removed.

These ‘gods’ may be good or bad things, but they are wrong when they take the place of God in your life. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the things of this world and worshipping them.

Focus your life on God and worship Him alone. Do not allow any foreign gods in your life.

I pray today that you will know God alone as your God; that you will worship only God; that God will help you to remove any ‘gods’ in your life; and that you will find all you need in God.

2 Chronicles 14:3 Removing The Foreign Altars

False altar

He removed the foreign altars and high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles. 2 Chronicles 14:3 

The world has allowed altars to be built up every where to self. People worship many different things, although they no longer call them gods. People are worshipped, things are worshipped, jobs are worshipped, positions are worshipped and much more. Along with these things are also false gods that are worshipped.

These are the external things that are worshipped. People also worship internal things, such as pride, wealth, self, and more.

All these things take the place of God in the lives of people. They want anything and everything but God.

Asa had become king of Judah and chose to cleanse the land of false gods and idols. He led the nation in going throughout the entire land destroying all of the sacred places to false gods and destroying their high places. He was able to get the nation to focus their eyes back on God.

Physical idols are not worshipped as much as a god in many places around the world, but there is still false worship occurring in the lives of people. Most believers are not in a position to be able to destroy the false worship centers and idols of this world. They cannot destroy places of sin in their nation or city.

However, in the lives of many people there are often high places to things other than God. The believer needs to allow God to reveal these altars in the heart and allow Jesus to remove them. The believer can chose to no longer worship at that altar and focus his attention back onto God and God alone.

There is to be only one God in the heart and life of a believer and that is God, Himself with Jesus His Son. No one or any other thing is to be worshipped.

Allowing God to remove all the foreign altars in your life will give you the ability to worship God alone. It will bring a supernatural peace into your life with God because you will be in the right standing with Him.

Do not allow foreign altars to be built up in your heart and life. Keep your focus on God alone. Worship God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Live for God alone. This will allow God to do great things in and through you.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to remove any foreign altars in your life; that you will worship God alone; and that you will serve God with all of your life. 

Genesis 13:18 First Priority

At the altar

So Abram went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he pitched his tents. There he built an altar to the LORD. Genesis 13:18

Moving to a new location brings on new challenges when a person arrives. Getting set up and settled in the first challenge most people think about.

Getting set up with a new job is often the first priority, however, there is much more needed in the new location. Getting electricity and heat set up, the mailing address is changed, unpacking the house, setting up things in the house, learning where the different stores are, finding the right church to attend, getting children enrolled in a school, and much more.

Each of these challenges present their own set of difficulties and what level of priority each is. For each person, the level of priority may different for each need.

Abram and his nephew lot were too large to stay in the same area, so they each moved to a new separate location. As Abram was setting up, God told him that all the land would be his one day. When he had set up the tents, his first priority was to set up the altar to God.

The altar was needed because it represented God. It was the connection to God. A place to worship God and a place to repent of sins against God. Where there is an altar, there could be a focus on God, a reminder to allow God to be in control. It was a place to sacrifice self in order to allow God to reign.

Although there are no longer any physical sacrifices being done to God, every believer needs to set up an altar before God. It does not have to be a physical altar, but one in the heart. A place to allow God to sit on the throne of one’s life.

Your first priority in your life should be to put God on the throne of your life. To set up a place to worship God. A place you can repent of sins and keep your focus upon God.

This can be a daily focus. Renew your altar before God each day. God before Him and let Him rule your life.

Having an altar allows you to let God be your first priority in your life. Everything else becomes second. Let God order your life as you put Him first.

I pray today that you will put God first in your life; that you will serve God first; that you will not get distracted with the things of this world; and that you will have an altar in your life to keep you focused on God.