1 Kings 3:5 What Would You Ask For?

At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon during the night in a dream and God said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” 1 Kings 3:5

Over the centuries hundreds of stories have been told in many different ways in which a person finds a magic lamp and a genie grants the person three wishes. While most people know it is not real, most people desire to have their wishes granted.

People are constantly talking about what they desire to have or be able to do some day. Often those desires come out of personal greed.

Soon after Solomon was made king, God came to him in a dream and told him to ask Him whatever he wanted Him to give him.

As the world dreams about being asked what they want by a genie, God does ask that question of believers on a regular basis.

Most believers go to God on a regular basis with a long list of desires of wants and needs. Those desires can be both for others and for themselves. Some of those desires can be selfish in the making, while others are made out of true concern for others or even self.

While Solomon was granted his request of God, many believers find that their requests are denied. This often occurs because the desire was selfish and not what God desires.

The true believer will be seeking the will of God, not his own personal desires when he asks God for something. His focus will be upon eternity, not the here and now pleasure of the day. Just as Jesus was focused upon building God’s kingdom, true believers will have that same desire and ask God for whatever is needed to make that happen.

Every believer needs to ask for things that will help him to accomplish God’s goal for his life.

You most likely have a long listed of desired things, both needed and just wants. Take time to go through that list and seek things that will line up with the goal of God in your life here on this planet. Which of those desires will make you more like Jesus and which will build His kingdom here on this earth?

Do not be afraid to ask God for your desires but be willing to ask according to His will as Jesus had said to do and see God do mighty works in and through your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God’s will is for your life; that you will ask God for things that fulfill His purpose in your life; and that you will have a desire to build God’s kingdom as Jesus did.

1 King 3:5 A Free Ticket To Ask

Antique oil lamp

At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon during the night in a dream, and God asked, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” 1 Kings 3:5 

One of the wishes of many people would be able to ask someone or something for anything that they want and that they will get it. Many stories of have been written over the years of people finding a magic lamp with a genie in it. The genie comes out and offers three wishes to the owner of the lamp.

Some of the owners struggle as to what to ask for, wanting only to get the best thing possible, not wanting to waste a wish. In the process of asking, sometimes the owner likes what he has been given and other times regrets what he was given. The genie gives the request whether it is really a good one or not.

Although genies are not real, God is. Once Solomon had become king of Israel, God came to him one night and allowed him to ask for whatever he wants, and God would give it to him. With some thought, Solomon chose to ask for God’s wisdom in his life.

Over the years since that time, many people have desired God to ask them that same question. They want God to give them the same proposal to ask whatever they want of Him. Most are forgetting that Jesus had said the same thing. He had stated that those who believe in Him could ask of anything according to His will and they would get it.

That request to ask for anything has never been changed or rescinded. God still loves to give His people what they ask for. However, the question is what will people ask for?

Often people ask for wealth or things to benefit themselves. It is all about self, rather than God and His kingdom.

Believers are to be focused on God and building His kingdom first and foremost. The things that they need to ask for should be to that effort.

You have the opportunity to ask God for whatever you want. What is your heart’s desire to have?

Solomon chose wisdom. It was about serving God and the kingdom God had given him. What will your choice be?

Will it be like the majority of the world, something for self?

Or will it be something to honor God and build His kingdom?

Ask God today. He is waiting.

I pray today that you will know God’s heart; that you will know what God wants of you; that you will seek God’s desires for your life; and that you will believe God only gives what is best for you and His kingdom. 

Psalm 40:8 What Is Your Desire?

I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart. Psalm 40:8

Every person has desires of some type. The desires of most people change over time. As a young child, the desire is usually for some toy that has been advertised or a friend has that looks like the greatest thing on earth.

As a teen-ager, the desire is for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or to be able to drive on their own with their own car.

As a young adult, the desire is to finish college, get a great paying job, and maybe a family.

As a middle-aged person, the desire is to get out of debt, hope for retirement, and spend more time with the family.

As a senior citizen, the desire is to have better health, and spend more time with family.

Although these are not locked in stone desires, most people have a similar pattern in their desires over the time of their life. There is nothing directly wrong with these desires in and of themselves, unless they are not within God’s desires for one’s life.

One desire that most people do not have, is the desire to do God’s will. The majority of the world does not even accept the belief in God, so they will not desire to do His will.

Along with that, many in the church, really do not desire to do God’s will for their lives. Take a look at your own life.

How much do you desire to memorize God’s Word? His law is to be in your heart.

How often do you directly witness to a person about Jesus? You are supposed to go and make disciples.

How often do you forgive those who do wrong to you?

How often do you pray for those who do wrong to you?

How often do you spend time talking and listening to God?

How often do you give offerings to God?

How often do you meet the needs of others, when you have the ability to do so?
Each of these things and many other things are the will of God. Read the Bible and see how many things there are that God desires for us to do. Seek God and find out what He wants you to do today, and then, do it.

Is it your desire to do His will?

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that you will bend your will and desires to God’s will and desires; that it will be your heart’s desire to please God; and that God will be pleased with your heart and actions.

2 Chronicles 1:10 What Would You Ask For?

“Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” 1 Chronicles 1:10

Solomon had been made king of Israel. One night God came to him and asked Solomon to make a request for whatever he wanted. Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead the people correctly. God loved his request so much that He gave him more wisdom, wealth, and honor than any other person has had before or since.

The ability to ask for whatever a person wants and get it has been a dream for most people throughout all of history. People dream of finding the magic lamp with a genie in it that will grant them three wishes.

The desires of each person’s heart is most likely a little different, but most will also have one thing in common.

What do people desire? Wealth, health, fame, power, possessions, and position.

What do all these things have in common? They are all about self, pleasing and taking care of old number one–self.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but when asked for with the wrong reason, they become a bad item. When these things are asked for to make oneself look good or to put oneself above others, they become bad. It is the wrong motive for desiring these things.

As Solomon asked for wisdom, he was not asking for it just to look good or to be better than the other people. He asked for wisdom so that he could do God’s will–leading God’s people who God had put him in charge of.

As a believer, you are to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. This means that you are putting God and all of His desires first in your life.

Jesus said you could ask for whatever you want and you would get it, if you remain in Him, doing what He wants you to do.

What are you asking God for today?

Why are you asking God for it?

If God answers that prayer, will it bring Him glory, or will it bring you glory?

I pray today that you will know God’s desire for you life; that you will love God with all that is in you; that you will ask for the things God wants you to have; and that you will never be selfish to God or to others.

1 Kings 3:9 What To Ask God For

“So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?” 1 Kings 3:9

God had been pleased with Solomon and allowed him to ask for anything that he would want from Him and He would grant it. Out of all of the possible things that Solomon could have asked for, he asked for a discerning heart, or wisdom.

Over the years many stories have been told of a genie granting someone three wishes. The person given the chance to make the wishes usually has a very difficult time making a decision as to what he wants, especially when it comes to the last wish. Once the wishes has been made, it is usually shown that there are often some severe consequences that occur because of the wish made. Look at king Midas asking that everything he touches would turn to gold. He dies for lack of food because everything became gold.

Solomon could have asked for fame, or wealth, or a great kingdom, but he chose wisdom. Wisdom comes from God and Solomon knew that. He wanted to be able to make the right decisions every time. He wanted to be able to have the correct understanding of every situation. This ability can only come from God.

Many people rely on their own wisdom and understanding of things. This type of wisdom is short-sighted and faulty. God’s wisdom is perfect and eternal.

Jesus has said that we can ask for anything (in His name and will) and He will give it to us.

If God was to tell you that you could ask for anything and He would give it, what would you ask for?






I pray today that God will fill you with His wisdom; that you will know God; that you will make choices that will please God; and that your heart will follow after God’s heart.