Hosea 7:13 Talking Bad

Bridge over river

Woe to them, because they have strayed from me! Destruction to them because they have rebelled against me! I long to redeem them but they speak about me falsely. Hosea 7:13 

There are times when a person wants to be friends with someone who has turned away. All that occurs is one just speaks false lies about the other. No chance is given to amend the friendship and it stays broken.

It is common for people to only think about themselves and talk bad about other people. They have their minds made up that others are bad, whether they are or are not. They refuse to look at the true facts of a person or a situation.

God is warning Israel of coming destruction for them because of their rebellion against Him. He wants to save them, but all they do is tell lies about Him. He is unable to save them from the coming destruction.

Over time there has been some people who have walked away from God. For some reason they have chosen to no longer be a believer in God. As they walk away, they also begin to bad-mouth God, speaking lies to all who are willing to listen. They judge God as being false, not real or not really loving.

Often these judgements are based off of reactions of people and not God Himself. God is a loving, compassionate and patient God. He does not want anyone to be punished or die in their sins. God is always reaching out in love to forgive and restore people, however, many do not want to be restored.

Those who are believers today, must always keep their mind on who God is and what He has done for them. They must never allow the thoughts that God is unloving or uncaring, regardless of how hard of circumstances they must go through.

You may have gone through some tough times in your life. You may have times where you are questioning God’s love, care, and power.

Take a moment to read the Bible and then think about what God has done in the past for others and for you. Now remember those things and talk about those things. Do not allow your heart to grow cold against God and walk away from Him.

God does love you and is concerned about you. He only wants what is best for you. Trust Him in knowing what is best and don’t believe the lies of the enemy and begin talking bad about Him.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will always remember the good God has done for you; that you will not rebel against God and walk away from Him; and that you will tell the truth of God’s great love and compassion for others. 

Jeremiah 2:5 Finding Fault

Crack in wall

This is what the Lord says: “What fault did your ancestors find in me, that they strayed so far from me? They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves.” Jeremiah 2:5 

It is easy for a person to find faults in another person. They can see directly at a person and watch closely seeing what is said and done and will usually find something wrong. No one lives in such a way as to have absolutely no faults of any sort.

When faults are found, it is common for many to walk away from that person or condemn that person. Or they will begin to talk bad about that person. People do not like to be around others with faults.

God asks the question of what fault was found in Him that would cause the people to reject Him and follow false idols.

Over time there have been many people who have openly walked away from God. The reasons can be many, though often it is because God did not answer some prayer of theirs. These prayers are often for healing for self or someone else.

Many people have become very angry with God because of some unanswered prayer, or rather a prayer not answered in the way that they felt it should have been answered. They begin to seek other ways to get their own way, rather than trust God’s way.

Acting in this way brings on the following of worthless idols. They begin to follow the ways of the world and the dead things of this world, rather than God. Sometimes they continue going to church to look good, yet, are not really following God in their heart.

Believers need to trust and follow God through everything at all times. When truthfully looked at, no one will ever find fault with God that is legitimate.

You may have times when you don’t understand God’s will in your life. You may not fully understand why God did not answer a prayer you had in the way you asked for it.

You have a choice in how you react. You can reject God and turn to the things of this world, or you can trust God and keep following Him.

Take some time and notice how much God loves you. Then notice how perfect He is in everything that He does.

God will never fail you in what is perfect and right for you. Trust Him and never go astray.

I pray today that you will know God’s perfect love for you; that you will understand God’s will for your life; that you will trust God’s will for you; and that you will not be led astray from God for any reason. 

Acts 18:6 When Rejected, Move On

Walking Away

But when they opposed Paul and became abusive, he shook out his clothes in protest and said to them, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent of it. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.” Acts 18:6

Paul had went to the city of Corinth and was preaching the Gospel message there. He was trying to reach the Jews for Jesus. Many of the Jews opposed him and became abusive. Instead of fighting them, he shook off his clothes and moved on to another group of people.

It is very common for someone who is trying to change the mindset of a group of people to be opposed. People do not like to be told that their way of thinking is wrong and most people do not like change.

While most people do not get abusive when being presented a new way of thinking and acting, there are some who do. It is difficult for people to change traditional ways of acting or thinking.

A believer who is working on fulfilling the great commandment to tell others about Jesus, will eventually meet up with people who will oppose him. And sometimes that opposition will get abusive.

For the believer, this opposition can not only appear with those outside the church, there are some inside the church who will oppose him for what God is leading him to say and do. Just as it is in the world, it can happen in the church. People in the church will become abusive in defending their beliefs or actions.

Instead of fighting back or becoming abusive, the believer needs to shake off his clothes and move on to another person or group. Do not fight as the world does and become abusive. Do not be demanding. In these types of actions, there is no love.

If you have not faced this yet, there will come a day when it will happen if you follow God with all of your heart. People will oppose you and become abusive. Do not let it worry or get you angry. Move on to someone else. Keep doing what God wants you to do.

Allow God to work in the hearts and minds of the people. Make sure that you are doing what God wants you to do. It may be rough, but it will be worth it in the end.

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that God will give you strength and wisdom to do His will; that God will give you favor with the people; and that God will guide you when to move on to other groups of people.