Jeremiah 2:5 Finding Fault

Crack in wall

This is what the Lord says: “What fault did your ancestors find in me, that they strayed so far from me? They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves.” Jeremiah 2:5 

It is easy for a person to find faults in another person. They can see directly at a person and watch closely seeing what is said and done and will usually find something wrong. No one lives in such a way as to have absolutely no faults of any sort.

When faults are found, it is common for many to walk away from that person or condemn that person. Or they will begin to talk bad about that person. People do not like to be around others with faults.

God asks the question of what fault was found in Him that would cause the people to reject Him and follow false idols.

Over time there have been many people who have openly walked away from God. The reasons can be many, though often it is because God did not answer some prayer of theirs. These prayers are often for healing for self or someone else.

Many people have become very angry with God because of some unanswered prayer, or rather a prayer not answered in the way that they felt it should have been answered. They begin to seek other ways to get their own way, rather than trust God’s way.

Acting in this way brings on the following of worthless idols. They begin to follow the ways of the world and the dead things of this world, rather than God. Sometimes they continue going to church to look good, yet, are not really following God in their heart.

Believers need to trust and follow God through everything at all times. When truthfully looked at, no one will ever find fault with God that is legitimate.

You may have times when you don’t understand God’s will in your life. You may not fully understand why God did not answer a prayer you had in the way you asked for it.

You have a choice in how you react. You can reject God and turn to the things of this world, or you can trust God and keep following Him.

Take some time and notice how much God loves you. Then notice how perfect He is in everything that He does.

God will never fail you in what is perfect and right for you. Trust Him and never go astray.

I pray today that you will know God’s perfect love for you; that you will understand God’s will for your life; that you will trust God’s will for you; and that you will not be led astray from God for any reason. 

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