Jude 19 Natural Verses Spirit


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These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit. Jude 19

One of the best ways to conquer an enemy is to divide the enemy. This is to cause the enemy to fight among themselves in two different battle fronts. When a group is divided among itself, it is no longer at its strongest point. They are weakened and can be easily taken over.

The world knows this concept and knows how to employ it. Jude had just stated that there would be scoffers among the believers in the church. Now he states that it is these very people who will divide the church.

People who are like this follow their own personal, natural instincts. They will talk about how they feel, rather than what God has said. They go off of personal experience, rather than being led by God’s Holy Spirit.

The classic example of this type of division is a church splitting over what color the new carpet should be. Yet, the division is much greater and more dangerous than that in many churches.

There are some in the church who will attempt to throw doubt on God’s word. Or they will throw out parts of God’s word, saying that was for then and this is for now. Living in open sin has been accepted in some churches, because it is a humane acceptable way to live, it is a personal right of the person, rather than what God desires.

Acting like this is done by natural instincts, being led by self and this world’s ways of thinking. It is not allowing God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide a person or church.

Believers must be aware of people like this. They must always keep their focus on God, His word and be led by His Holy Spirit. This will prevent division from occurring and stop the enemy.

Examine your life and see how you are making your choices in life. Are you letting natural, sinful man instincts to guide your thinking and actions? Or are you allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in everything you think, say and do?

Do not allow yourself to be led astray and be divided by those of this world. The enemy wants to divide, conquer and destroy.

God has come to give life. Accept His Holy Spirit and live the life He has for you.

I pray today that you will be led by God’s Holy Spirit; that God will open your eyes to division occurring; that you will not allow self to get in the way of God’s leading; and that there will be unity with God in your life and church.


2 Corinthians 7:1 Purify Yourself Of Garbage


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Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. 2 Corinthians 7:1

People need motivation or a reason to do something that is not normal. Those that do things that are not normal have some type of motivation to keep them moving forward on a different path.

It is motivation to make money or have a certain position that moves a person to go above and beyond the normal person in their work. Or the desire for a healthy body motivates a person to exercise more. The successful person is one who has pushed through all the obstacles to get what he wanted.

Believers have a motivation to do things that the majority of the rest of the world will not do. Their motivation is found in the promises of God. God promised He would forgive those who repent. God promised that those who follow Jesus would be able to enter heaven and have eternal life.

Throughout the entire Bible God has given many different promises to those who believe. With those promises, it can motivate a person to want to live for God. To live for God is to keep one’s self from anything that is impure. Bad thoughts, bad actions, bad words, and any other sin.

Jesus has purified a believer of all sin. Now it is up to the believer to strive to keep from polluting the body with any more sin. This is not done to get saved, but out of reverence and respect for what Jesus has already done for the person. A person cannot do anything more to be more saved, but does things because he has been saved.

Each person has different things that they must purify themselves from. Each person sins in different ways and at different times.

Seek God to find out what you may have allowed in your life that is contaminating your body and spirit. These things could be physical or spiritual, but both can be polluting. Ask God to help you purify yourself from anything that is bad.

Jesus has already forgiven you, now just live for God in a pure and holy way of living. With God’s strength and guidance this can be accomplished. Do all of this out of love for God and for what Jesus has already done for you.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness Jesus provides; that God will reveal dark areas in your life; that God will strengthen you to get rid of all garbage in your life; and that you will live for God with all of your heart. 

Luke 23:46 Committing Your Spirit

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Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” Luke 23:46

As Jesus hung on the cross, dying, He felt as though His Father had abandoned Him. Yet, He asked His Father, God, to forgive the people. Then at the very end He committed His spirit into the hands of His Father. Immediately after saying this, Jesus died.

It is difficult for a person to allow someone else to have complete control over himself. This is especially true when it involves one’s life. If the person being trusted with complete control does not do what is expected, then death or extreme suffering will occur.

Trapeze artists and mountaineers have complete trust with their lives in the hands of another person. As the trapeze artist is hanging in the air by the hands of another person, he trusts that the other person will not let go. While the mountaineer is climbing, he is trusting his life to the other one that he will keep a hold of the rope and not make any deadly mistakes.

Jesus had cried out to the Father, asking Him why He was abandoned. God had turned His back on Jesus because of all the sin He was bearing. However, Jesus knew that He was doing exactly what the Father wanted Him to do.

Although it appeared as if God had completely abandoned Jesus, He did not. Jesus also knew the character of His Father and trusted in what He knew to be true. As He breathed His last breathes, He committed His Spirit into the hands of the Father. He knew that God would do what He said He would do. He trusted His Father to not fail.

As you go through the days of your life, there will be times God will ask you to do something that is crazy or may be dangerous. Fear will try to rise up in you and cause you to back down. Just as Jesus did, you must keep going forward. Commit your life and spirit to God and trust Him.

God will not leave you. God will not do or allow anything more or less than is absolutely required. Commit your spirit to Him and trust His words and love for you. Trust that He will take care of you in the end. Do not hold your life, but give it to Jesus.

I pray today that you will be committed to Jesus; that you will trust God with your whole life and death; that you will obey all of God’s commands to you; and that you will see God’s hand at work in your life.