2 Chronicles 19:10 Warn To Not Sin

In every case that comes before you from your people who live in the cities–whether bloodshed or other concerns of the law, commands, decrees or regulations–you are to warn them not to sin against the Lord; otherwise his wrath will come on you and your people. Do this, and you will not sin. 2 Chronicles 19:10

Rules and regulations abound anywhere a person may live or be, regardless of what nation he lives in. This goes from the national level all the way down to the individual homes. Along with the rules there are always those who judge whether someone is doing right or wrong in many situations.

Jehoshaphat appointed leaders to be judges throughout the land. He told them to judge every case and warn the people to not sin against God or else His wrath would come upon them.

No one really likes to be judged in anything. People like their absolute freedom and the world will quickly state that the bible says not to judge. Yet, the even the world has judges throughout the land.

Courts are not the only place that hold people who judge. Supervisors at a workplace judge how a person is doing his work. Teachers judge the child’s schoolwork. Parents judge their child’s actions.

Believers are also to judge themselves and others. This judging is in pointing people back to God and to not sin. Part of the gospel message is for people to recognize what sin is and the consequences of sin. In order for a believer to point out sin, there must be a judgment. This is not a condemnation, but just a warning of what is wrong and God’s judgment of it.

Immediately afterwards believers need to point people to Jesus for His love, mercy, forgiveness and salvation.

God has placed His Holy Spirit in you to point out sin in your own life. Be willing to judge yourself as to sin and repent before God.

He is also there to help you be a witness to the world of their sin and coming death. Working in His love and gentleness, be willing to show where people may be living in sin and show them the mercy and love of God, that He is willing to forgive and save them.

Gently guide other believers to turn away from sin and get back onto the path with God in righteousness and holiness.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will allow the Holy Spirit to judge your thoughts, actions and words; that you will allow God to guide you in warning others of sin and its consequences; that you will point everyone to forgiveness and salvation in Jesus.

1 Chronicles 2:7 How Will You Be Remembered?

The son of Karmi: Achar, who brought trouble on Israel by violating the ban on taking devoted things. 1 Chronicles 2:7

Tombstones often have some words on it saying something about the person. Often, they are just child or spouse of someone else. Some will state something about the person or some common saying of the person.

People are usually remembered for something that they did great or did on a regular basis. Things that impacted others in some great way. While most people do not impact hundreds of thousands of people, some people have that level of impact.

In the genealogical records in Chronicles, Achar is listed as sone of Karmi and the one who brought trouble upon Israel by taken something that was to be destroyed according to God’s command.

Everyone is remembered for something by at least a few people. Some are remembered by many people, depending on the level of their impact. Most people feel as if their little acts will not impact a lot of people, but just themselves and maybe a few others.

A ‘small’ sinful act does not appear to impact anyone else but can have a great impact on others down the road. That sinful act tells others that maybe it is acceptable to sin, thus leading others to sin in the same way or even greater ways.

Believers are to be holy, set apart, different from the rest of the world. Every action of a believer is supposed to be a reflection on who God is and what He is like. Holding onto sin or sinful things does not represent God or lead others to God, but away from God and into sin and death.

When a believer dies, he must think about how he will be remembered–as one who was devoted to God? Or one who sinned against God and brought on trouble to others?

If you are reading this, you are still alive and can live for God. Examine your life and see if you are taking or doing things that God has banned. Jesus paid for your sins and took them away, not so you can take them back, but so that you can live completely devoted to God.

Everything you say or do will have an impact on others. Will that impact be to lead people towards God? Or away from God?

How will you be remembered–leading to or from God?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will live your whole life for God; that you will lead others to God; that God will strengthen you to reject anything He bans; and that people will be able to remember you as one who fully loved, served and obeyed God.

2 Kings 17:7 Results Of Sin

All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the Lord their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. They worshiped other gods 2 Kings 17:7

There is an old saying that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everyday people do many different things, both good and bad. Due to whatever action that one does, there is another reaction to it, sometimes good, sometimes negative. Often people do not expect anything negative to come from their actions, so they do the actions anyways.

God had destroyed Judah and sent them into exile because they had sinned against Him and worshiped other gods.

As finite human beings living in the here and now, many people do not think about the end results of their actions. The only thing on their minds is immediate pleasure.

Many nations around the world have some history of being predominantly Christian at some point in their history. Even though they had been delivered from the bondage and slavery of sin, the people of those nations have chosen to reject God and worship false gods.

Although some of these nations worship physical false gods, all work on worshiping self, self-pleasure and things. As a result, God has brought about disaster on nations and people.

Some believers have chosen to walk away from God partially or fully to live in sin and follow false gods in their lives. God works to draw them back but will allow them to suffer for their choices. Full joy, satisfaction, purpose, peace and love will elude them in worshiping the false gods. Ultimately death, eternal death awaits them.

God brings on disaster in the hopes of drawing people back to Him. As long as there is breath, there is a chance to repent and turn to Him.

You may or may not be drifting away from God following false gods in your life. If you are following any false god in your life, repent and turn back to God. He is waiting, ready and willing to forgive you of any sins you have committed against Him in following false gods and take you back as His child.

Make God the one and only God in your life. Leave the life of sin and do not go back to a life of sin and death.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will reveal any false gods in your life; that God will give you strength to leave the false gods; that you will follow and worship God alone; and that you will never go back to your old life of sin.

1 Kings 16:26 Making God Angry

He followed completely the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat, committing the same sin Jeroboam had caused Israel to commit, so that they aroused the anger of the Lord, the God of Israel, by their worthless idols. 1 Kings 16:26 ,

Going against someone and dishonoring that person can make him very angry. No one likes to be dishonored, yet many people will dishonor others in order to do their own thing. Many will go against the rules of their leaders to push the limits of what they are allowed to do and to be their own person, not limited by rules and regulations.

When Omri became king of Israel, he led the people in the same sins as Jeroboam and aroused God’s anger against Israel because of their worthless idols.

Many people go to church claiming to believe in Jesus and that they are following Him, yet they also have many idols in their lives. Most do not bow down to physical idols as the Israelites did under Omri, but they put things before God.

Instead of bowing down to a false idol, people will put all of their time, attention and money towards things of this world. Not all these things are bad, but often they turn the attention and focus away from God. An underlying belief that those things will make them happy and provide all that they need, rather than trusting in God for everything.

As people in the church do these things, it raises God’s anger against them. God provided forgiveness and salvation at the expense of His Son, only to have Him rejected to follow false gods and idols.

Believers are to find their joy in the Lord and to trust Him for all of their needs. God is willing to forgive, but the believer must turn from all idols and serve God alone.

As a believer you must ask yourself if you are doing anything that will bring God’s anger upon you. Do not allow yourself to trust in the false idols of this world that will only offer temporary pleasure and then death.

Make serving God the entire focus of your life and get rid of any idols in your life. Find the joy in serving and worshipping God for all that He has done for you and is continuing to do for you each day. God can and will give you more than any idol can offer.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will serve God with all of your life; that God will give you strength to flee worthless idols around you; that you will find all of your joy and provision in God alone; and that you will doing nothing to make God angry at you.

Genesis 39:9 A Bold Stand Against Sinning

“No one is greater in this house than I am. My master has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?” Genesis 39:9

Joseph had become a slave to Potiphar. While working there as a slave, Potiphar noticed how well he worked and made him in charge of the entire household. At some point, Potiphar’s wife decided she wanted to have sex with Joseph. She thought that because he was a slave she could order him to do whatever she wanted and he would have to obey. Joseph pointed out the favor Potiphar had given him, and then said that asked her how he could do such a thing and sin against God. He refused her request.

Her request was probably made to Joseph when there was no one else around. For her, it would have been a completely legal thing to do. It could have been done quietly and no one would have known about it, at least no one human. God would know, and Joseph knew that, so he refused because he did not want to sin against God.

Throughout your life there will come times when something sinful will present itself in a way that no one else would know about it. This presentation could be with another person alone, or it could be while you are physically alone. It could be to have sex outside of marriage, or do drugs, or lie, or steal, or cheat, or watch pornography, or one of many other sins against God.

Most of these could be done in secret and most people would not know about it. However, both you and God would know. You would become guilty of sinning against God.

Are you willing to do that?

Are you willing to sell your soul for a moment of pleasure and sin against God?

Or are you going to be bold like Joseph and refuse to sin against God?

Take your stand against sin today and refuse. It will be worth it in the end. God will give you His favor and reward you.

I pray today that God will give you strength to resist sinful acts; that you will refuse to sin against God; that God will open your eyes to any temptations that come your way; and that you will live your life for God.