Jeremiah 16:20-21 They Will Know In The End

“Do people make their own gods? Yes, but they are not gods!” “Therefore I will teach them–this time I will teach them my power and might. Then they will know that my name is the LORD.” Jeremiah 16:20-21

The Israelites had chosen to follow their own gods or the gods of the nations around them. Despite the fact of seeing God at work in their nation, time and time again, they chose not to follow Him alone. Since they had made that choice, God decided that He would teach them who He really is. They will see His power and might, and that He is the One who is in control. The method of revealing Himself was through the punishment they would have to go through.

Skip forward several thousand years, and things have not changed a whole lot. People are constantly making their own gods. They do not call them idols as they did in the biblical times, but they are idols and false gods none-the-less. Today they are the gods of doctors, scientists, ‘experts’, the government, leaders, media, famous people, and the list goes on.

People are trusting everything but God in their lives. They believe that doctors will find the cure for sickness and death; that the government will keep the economy going strong; that the media will bring joy and satisfaction; and many more beliefs.

None of these things can truly satisfy and will fall short. God will reveal Himself in the punishment upon the people and nations. Disasters are set to draw people back towards Him, to cause them to look to Him for salvation.

His power is revealed in the control that He yields in this world. When disasters occur, one can see how powerful God is. When God does a healing, when doctors cannot, one can see His power.

As you look out on this world each day, see God as the One Who is in control, not those of this world. People in this world can only do so much, then they will fail. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the belief that the things of this world can save you, or provide for all your needs.

Trust God now, and not when He has to knock you down. God is there for you, not against you, if you will just trust Him.

I pray today that you will know God’s power in your life; that you will not have any idols in your life; that God will not have to punish you for false beliefs; and that you will be a witness of God’s love and power in this world.

Psalm 146:3 Who Not To Trust

Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. Psalm 146:3

Trust in a person is something that most people say that they have a hard time doing, yet, do it all the time. People trust that the other person will stay on his side of the road while driving down the road. Trust that the cashier will ring up the products correctly. Trust that the electricity company will keep the power running correctly. Trust that the boss will provide the paycheck with the correct pay.

These things are normal day-to-day things that people trust in others.

There are higher levels of trust, that many people attempt to trust in other people. Those in government positions are trusted to make things better in a city, state, or nation. They are expected to get rid of all crime and bring joy and pleasure to life. They are expected to remove all fear of harm.

The psalmist states that you are not to put your trust in human beings. All trust is to be in God and Him alone.

At first this may sound like something crazy to even consider. Think about it, Jesus told Peter to step out of a boat and walk on water. Moses was to go up against Pharoah with no army. The three Hebrew men went into a hot furnace. These and many more instances were people being led by God to do something that did not make sense. Yet, in each case, God came through for them and provided the needed salvation for them.

God is there for you. The world may say that they have the solution to your problem, but it is only a temporary fix or a cover-up. Another human being cannot solve the problems in your life. No one can bring about the peace and life that you need. Do not place all your trust in the people of this world.

Trust in God. He is the only one who is fully in control of everything. He can meet every need you will ever have. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life of every person that will come to Him and put his trust in Him.

Who do you trust today?

Those in the world, who will fail you?

Or God?

I pray today that you will know the faithfulness of God; that you will trust in God alone; that you will listen to what God says; and that you will point others to God for trust in their situations in life.

Psalm 109:26 According To His Love

Help me, LORD my God; save me according to your unfailing love. Psalm 109:26

David had many enemies trying to attack him and destroy him. They were saying false things about him in an attempt to bring him to ruin. He cries out to God for help. The first part of this psalm is David requesting God to strike his enemies. In this verse, he talks about needing God to save him according to His great love.

David never saw himself as that great of a person. He knew his faults and failures. Here He calls on God to help him according to His unfailing love. David knew that God loved with perfect endless love. It was on that great love that David is calling for help.

When a person is having a hard time and needs help, there are some who will call to others to assist him. Often when this is done, they talk about how good the person is or how much that person has done and deserves some help. Their focus is always on how good that person is.

Prayers are often asked in this same way in the church. Praying that God will meet the need of a person because of all the good he had done or for how long he has served God.

God meeting needs of people has nothing to do with the love the person has for God. It has to do with His love and His love alone.

Many people feel that they have to earn God’s love and earn His help. There is nothing that you can do to make God love you more. And there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less. His love is constant, perfect and eternal.

You are saved from sin because of His love for you. He will also meet your needs, whatever they are, because of His great love for you.

As you pray to God for needs to be met, worship Him and ask Him to meet the need according to His love for you. In this way, your need will be met in the perfect way, not just your temporary way.

Trust God’s love to save you, not your works.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will not try to earn your salvation or needs being met; that your focus will be on God more than your needs; and that you will worship God with all your heart.


John 15:8 The Father’s Glory

“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” John 15:8

Jesus just finished talking about how He is the vine and all believers are the branches. We, as believers, are to bear much fruit. Now He states that the fruit all believers bring about is for the Father’s glory and shows that they are really His disciples.

God sent Jesus for the purpose to save all the people in the world. He was not sent to the earth just to have a good time or to just to spread peace and love. His purpose was to destroy sin and save the people.

Many people look at just the love aspect of the message of Jesus. The world loves to look at the part that everyone is to love everyone else. This is a major part of following Jesus, but it is not everything.

Both Jesus and the Father wants you to bear fruit, and not just a little fruit, but lots of fruit. Look at the life of Jesus. In just the few years He ministered on the earth He brought about a lot of fruit. This was in a time where there was only walking for getting around, no cell phone, internet, computers, or television.

Jesus brought about much fruit by talking directly with people, interacting with them. Today you can do the same thing. God has blessed His people with being able to use many methods to communicate, and to communicate faster and to more people at once.

If you are doing the same thing Jesus did, the Father will be glorified. God was pleased with Jesus because He was doing what He was sent to do.

Now that you are a believer in Jesus, you are sent to do a work. That work is to bring others to Jesus, to save the world. God will be glorified when you are doing that work. The more people brought to the knowledge of salvation in Jesus, the more the Father will be glorified.

Is your life glorifying God today? Are you producing fruit? Or are you just coasting through life?

I pray today that Jesus will show you ways to produce much fruit; that you will show yourself to be a disciple of Jesus; that you be a light of Jesus in this world; and that God will glorified through your life.

John 3:14-15 Lifting Up Jesus

“Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” John 3:14-15

While the Israelites were wandering around in the wilderness, they complained and turned against God. God brought snakes upon them to kill them off. In order to stop this, God had Moses put a snake on a pole and lift it up. Whoever looked at that snake was healed. Jesus reminds Nicodemus of this piece of history and relates it to the Son of Man, who is Himself.

Early in His ministry Jesus was already pointing to the fact that He had to die on a cross. Jesus had to be lifted up on that cross to die for the sins of every person in the world for all time. Once Jesus died on that cross, all a person had to do was believe in what He did and he would be saved.

Nothing has changed since Jesus had spoken those words. The only way a person is saved is by belief in what He did.

Although in this passage Jesus is talking about being lifted up on a cross to die, there is another way He needs to be lifted up. He needs to be lifted up in exaltation. This is a lifting up in praise and talking about.

Every believer must talk about Jesus and what He did to everyone they come in contact with. You need to let other people know what Jesus has done in your life and what He can do in their lives.

He also needs to be lifted up in your own life. Jesus needs to be put first in your life. Keep in mind what Jesus did for you at all times. Know that it was His death on the cross that is saving you, not your works. Know that it is His Spirit that can change you, not yourself.

Are you lifting Jesus up in this world? Are you lifting Jesus up in your own life and heart?

I pray today that you will know the fullness of what Jesus did for you; that you will lift Jesus up in your own life; that you will lift Jesus up around all other people; that you will believe in Him and be saved; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.