Psalm 99:1 The Lord Reigns

The LORD reigns, let the nations tremble; he sits enthroned between the cherubim, let the earth shake. Psalm 99:1

Throughout the earth, many different people are seen to be the rulers. Often this is seen primarily as the rulers of various nations. Every nation has a ruler of some sort. Under the main leader of the nation, there are others who also seem to reign in the government in various ways.

Inside of each of these nations are other people who seem to rule in some area. Rulers of states, cities, neighborhoods, businesses and more.

Some of these rulers seem to be completely in charge and people fear them. Some rule with great care and love, while others rule with a heavy hand of dictatorship. Many fear those in leadership for various reasons. Fear because of the wrong they are doing, or the power that the person has.

Often forgotten is the one who reigns over the top of all of these rulers. Regardless of the power and level of a ruler on this earth, God is above.

Many people feel as though God is not really in control, because of the condition of this world. It does appear as though God does not really reign, because of all the sin occurring. The world seems to be winning the battle.

Yet, God is really in control. He places people into position and takes them out of position. God uses everything to the benefit of every believer. The world should be shaking and trembling at the thought that God does reign as supreme ruler over the world, because judgement is coming.

As a believer, you do not need to shake and tremble. You have been forgiven of your sins and are in right standing with God. Now all you need to do is trust that God is really in control. Allow God to reign in your life.

Letting God reign in your life, means you will allow God to guide your every step and action. Your thoughts and words will be what God wants them to be.

What does the thought of God reigning do to you?

Do you shake and tremble?

Or do you give Him praise?

I pray today that you will know Jesus as the ruler of your life today; that you will trust God as the sovereign power in your life; that you will praise God for reigning in this world; and that you will be His witness of His power to this world.

Revelation 17:17 Ultimate Control

“For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.” Revelation 17:17

The event that is being described in this passage is a time when the beast is rising in his rule over the world. All the people, nations, and rulers are giving the beast the authority to rule. Nations of the world are refusing to follow God and give Him the honor of being the ruler.

The interesting part in all of this occurring is that it is being done because God wants it done that way. God placed it in the hearts of the people to give the beast his authority.

This now draws an interesting problem: do people have free will to follow God or not to follow God; or does God make the choice for them? Although there are some that say people have no choice, that it is completely up to God, the Bible does not show that.

Jesus came to save the whole world, not just some. Any who call on the name of Jesus will be saved. God has called all to repentance.

God gives each person a choice to follow Him or not to follow Him. God in His infinite knowledge knows what a person is like and what he will do. Just as you can predict how a very close friend will most likely act in a situation, God knows this, only with perfect accuracy.

Although the world seems to think that they are in control, it is really God who is controlling events. He placed it in the hearts of the rulers to give the beast his authority and power. God is allowing depraved man to continue in his ways. Ultimately this will bring about God’s punishment and reveal His true authority.

Each day you look out, you may see the world seeming to be winning the battle. It often seems like corruption and sinful living is the only way to live. Sinful living grows more and more all the time. Rulers in power seem to be more open about sinful ways being acceptable.

Trust that God is in control and knows what is happening. Everything happens according to His plan. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep serving God with all that is in you. God will win in the end.

I pray today that God will reveal His plans for you today; that you will not get discouraged when things look bad; that God will reveal the authority He has; and that you will remain true to God in everything you do.

1 Peter 2:13-14 Submission to Authorities

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and commend those who do right.” 1 Peter 2:13-14

Peter now tells us something that most people and many Christians struggle with: submission to those in authority. Most people do not like to be told what to do or not to do. America was founded on the principle of freedom from tyranny.

Look around today and see how many people try to get around the rules. When you are driving down the road, notice how many people try to push the speed limit by driving 5 miles over the speed limit. How many people complain when a new rule is placed by authorities? Yet you are told to submit.

Many Christians try to state that they do not have to follow a President because that President is not living a God-fearing lifestyle or is making decisions that are not honoring God. When Peter wrote this the Roman empire was in control. The rulers were not exactly nice people to follow, yet, he stated that they were to be obeyed. This obedience is to all people in authority, not just the Christian ones.

The only time a person is allowed to defy those in authority is when he is told to do something that goes against God’s rules. An example of this would be if the authority told you to steal something. In that case you need to stand your ground for God’s rule of not to steal. It is actually very rare for a governmental authority to ask you to do something that defies God’s rules.

God has placed every person that is in a position of authority there for a reason. You have to trust that God knows what He is doing and what that person in authority is doing, whether good or bad. You need to set the Godly example of being obedient. Obey that person as though it were God speaking through him. Who knows, maybe, by your obedience you will bring that person to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Today work at being obedient to every leader over you: workplace boss, local police, state authorities, and national authorities. Use every circumstance as a chance to be a witness for God.

I pray that today God will strengthen you to be obedient to those in authority; that God will give you His wisdom to know when it is right to disobey those in authority; that God will use you to be His witness in this dark world; and that God will receive all the glory and honor in your actions.