Micah 2:6 Not Wanting To Hear The Truth

“Do not prophesy,” their prophets say. “Do not prophesy about these things; disgrace will not overtake us.” Micah 2:6

As Micah was warning the people of a coming destruction because of their sins, there were false prophets and people who were saying stop saying those things. They did not want to believe his words, because Israel was God’s chosen nation. How could God ever want to destroy His chosen nation? They felt as though nothing bad would ever happen.

People have not changed since the time of Micah. Most people do not really want to hear the truth about their own lives. They do not want to hear that what they are doing it wrong.

Take a look at the workplace. When a boss comes up to someone and tells him that he is doing his job wrong, most likely the person will take offense to it. Being told that he is wrong is not what a person is usually willing to accept.

Today the world looks at trying to be politically correct. One cannot offend anyone about anything, at any time. The world does not want to hear that they are living in sin and death and judgment is coming. They want the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

This can often occur in the church also. The pastor might start speaking out against certain sins in the lives of people, and many get offended. They tell the pastor not to speak that way. The refuse to hear the truth.

Regardless of what the world thinks or says, as a believer, you must be willing to speak His truth in love. Do not fear speaking the whole word of God, the coming judgment and the provision of salvation.

You must also be willing to take an honest look at your life through the eyes of God and His word. If you look at the Bible, it tells you that nothing you do is worthy of God. That your heart is deceitful and full of wickedness. It is only through the work of Jesus on the cross that you are allowed to be in God’s presence. Yes, God does judge you, but He also provides the salvation you need, if you will accept it.

Are you saying that you do not want to hear the whole word of God?

Or are you willing to accept what God’s Word says about you?

I pray today that you will know the whole word of God; that you will not avoid what God says to you or others; that you will know God’s salvation He provides; and that you will tell the world what God has for them.


Ezekiel 13:3 Woe To False Visions

This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing! Ezekiel 13:3

There were many prophets during the time of Ezekiel that were going around and prophesying. They were saying that God was saying there would be peace and that God was on  their side. While this was happening, God was having His prophets stating that there would be no peace and that there would be destruction. God was watching this and promised that there would be problems and punishment for this to occur.

Although there are not very many people who claim to be prophets today, there are many who claim to have visions from God and know what God wants. The claims are usually mixed with truth and falsehood. There is truth that God does love people and accepts all who come to Him. The falsehood is seen in stating that God accepts people purposely living in sin and refusing to follow His ways.

Visions of God honoring nations that claim to know God are common, however, many in those nations are not really choosing to know God. Cities are not truly following God. They are accepting sin to be openly practiced and promoted.

In the world, these things are to be expected, but not in the church. People in the church turn a blind eye to the sins inside the church. Inside the church are people who are living outside of wedlock and yet are leaders in the church. There are people who are living in alternate lifestyles in the church and it is accepted by the church. There are people who live to gossip and spread rumors in the church, and yet are not confronted about the sin.

Living like this does not show a person who is really seeing or hearing from God. They are living to themselves, following their own ways of thinking.

As you go through your days consider what you are hearing and seeing from God. Where is God leading you? What is He showing you to do?

Do not be like the foolish prophets and claim things that God has never stated. God will have His day of judgment upon those people. Seek to know and claim God and His Word.

I pray today that you will know God’s word in your heart; that God will show you visions of what He wants; that you will only speak the truth of God’s word; and that you will follow all of God’s ways.

Jeremiah 17:14-15 Waiting On God’s Word

Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. They keep saying to me, “Where is the word of the LORD? Let it now be fulfilled!” Jeremiah 17:15

Jeremiah had prophesied at times that God would do certain things. Although he prophesied these things, they did not happen immediately. The people would then start to ask what happened and where is the word of God. They wanted to see the fulfillment right away.

Jeremiah praised God, because he trusted God’s word would be fulfilled. He trusted God to heal and save Him, even though he did not know when or how that would occur.

Believers often pray for a healing and do not see an immediate result from that prayer. Others then question God, wondering where that healing is and why it has not occurred. Some believers even begin to question God and their trust in God. They want to see the answer to their prayers immediately. If the answer does not come immediately, then maybe something is wrong with them, or that God does not really care.

As you are going through life, there will be times when you cry out to God for help in an area of your life. It may be for healing or it may be for salvation against something horrible in your life. As you cry out, there will be times when God does not immediately answer.

In times like this, you must not be like the people were with Jeremiah. You must not be demanding where is the fulfillment of the word of God. You must demand instant change of your situation.

You must trust God’s timing in your situation. There are times God does the healing or saving immediately, but other times there is a waiting period. The reasons for God causing you to wait are numerous. It could be the timing of someone else; or for someone else to see your faith in God; or for your faith to be built stronger; or for a change in you or someone else.

Regardless of the reason why God does not immediately answer your prayer in the way you desire, you must trust God’s word and timing. You must be willing to wait upon God. He will heal and He will save….in His time.

I pray today that you will know God’s Word for you life; that you will trust in God’s word for your life; that you will not question God’s word; and that you will see God at work in your life.

Isaiah 9:6 A Promise As Though Now

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

As Israel is walking away from God and is being punished, Isaiah makes a prophecy of great proportions. It is about a child that is born that will be in control of the government and will be God while being a man. Looking back, now several thousand years later, one can see that he was talking about Jesus.

At the time Isaiah spoke these words, Jesus was not walking on the earth. He was not born yet as a human being. Still Isaiah speaks as though it has already happened. The actual birth of Jesus would not occur for several hundred more years.

From God’s perspective, time does not really mean anything. He is outside of time. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all the same to Him. When God makes a statement it is as though it has already happened.

As you think about this you may wonder how this can help you today. God has made many promises. A lot of promises are made to every believer, while God may make some directly to you and your situation in your life.

Often you may hear of a promise of God and wonder if you really heard it, because nothing seemed to change. God promised to meet your needs, yet the bills keep piling up and the car breaking down. You may have heard a prophecy over your life about something and yet nothing seems to come to pass.

You have to claim that promise and believe in God to fulfill it in His time and in His way. Just as Isaiah prophesied about the birth of Jesus and had to wait for it to occur, so you may have to wait for God’s prophecy to you.

Believe the prophecy as though it has occurred and move forward with it. God’s word is alive and active. God will never break a promise to you, only you can break or stop that promise by rejecting it.

Just as Jesus did finally come to this earth, so God will fulfill every promise to you.

I pray today that you will know God’s promises to you; that you will trust God’s word to you; that you will wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled; and that you will not lose hope in Jesus.

2 Chronicles 18:13 Saying Only What God Says

But Micaiah said, “As surely as the LORD lives, I can tell him only what my God says.” 2 Chronicles 18:13

King Ahab in Samaria was wanting to attack the town of Ramoth Gilead and had asked King Jehoshaphat of Judah to help him in the attack. Ahab had consulted with many prophets, none of God, who all said to go and attack. Jehoshaphat wanted to consult a prophet of God first. They went to Micaiah, a prophet of God, for an answer. When he was called for, they told him what the other prophets had said. Micaiah said that he can only say what God says.

People everywhere claim that they know what God is saying and that they are speaking the words of God. The words that they often speak, are the words that the people want to hear. Many that are not fully following God with all of their heart, like to look at God and state that He is a God of love. They feel that they can ask God for anything that benefits themselves and God will grant it. They do not believe God will ever give them a negative answer.

It is for this reason that many people change from church to church on a regular basis. They are not hearing what they want to hear.

Although God is a God of love, there are times that He will give a negative answer to a person. All the words of God must be listened to and obeyed, not just the happy words.

If you are in a position to speak to someone about what God is saying or has said in the Bible, be sure to speak only what God says. Do not be the one who will speak just what sounds good or what others want to hear. There will be times of saying negative things to a person to get them back on track with God, while most times, God speaks with words of love to draw a person to Himself. Say only what God is truly saying.

This also goes for listening to God in your own life. Don’t just listen when the words sound good. Hear God when He gives you a message that is not easy to accept. Listen to the whole word of God.

I pray today that you will hear the words of God; that you will only speak as God speaks; that you will accept all the words of God; and that God will use you to draw many to Jesus.

John 12:16 Not Understanding

“At first his disciples did not understand all this. Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize that these things had been written about him and that these things had been done to him.” John 12:16

As Jesus was riding into Jerusalem the people were giving Him great praise. They were lifting Him up as their king. At the moment the disciples did not realize that He was fulfilling a prophecy that had been written about Him hundreds of years before. This realization came much later when Jesus was glorified, when He went up to heaven.

As a person looks back at that time now, it is easy to ask why they could not see these prophecies right away in Jesus. In the moment it is very difficult to see the larger picture. As a human being, a person only sees the moment. Unless something moves them to look to the past, it is hard to connect the dots.

The challenging thing today, is that this can still happen. All you can see is the moment right now. No one can see the future and you may not know all of the past.

There is a lot of history in the past. You may know a lot of it in a single particular area but there is no way you can know everything. Things that happen today have been greatly impacted on what happened in the past and will have an impact on the future events.

God laid down many promises in the Bible that have an impact today. These impacts will even have an effect on you. You may be going through a situation, good or bad, that be the result of a past action. Or that situation may be to bring about a result in the future.

As has been stated many times, God is the one in control. He sees the beginning and the end. He sees the big picture. Seek Jesus and trust His actions in your life.

Some day in the future God may reveal why you went through what you did. You may then understand the why of your situations. Until then all you can do is keep moving forward and trust God.

I pray today that God will reveal His plans for you; that God will give you His peace in every situation in your life; that God will show the reasons for those situations; and that Jesus will use you to draw many to Himself.

Luke 2:34 Destiny

“Then Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother: This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against,” Luke 2:34

Mary and Joseph followed the Old Testament Law of bringing a new baby to the temple to be consecrated to God. They were bringing Jesus to the temple.

Immediately upon seeing baby Jesus, Simeon realized he was looking at the promised Messiah. This was the One all the prophets had talked about and Israel was looking for.

Now Simeon makes a prophecy about the future of Jesus. He will cause the rising and falling of many and will be spoken against. It sounds very good to hear about the raising of many people, but it is difficult to hear the rest of the prophecy.

Jesus would raise many people up to God because of their belief in Him. Many would be healed of many problems and sicknesses.

In addition, however, many would fall down because of Jesus. Many will not believe what He has to say. Many will turn away from following God. They would not believe that He is the Messiah and the One from God.

Since many will have unbelief in Jesus, they will also speak out against Him. Even though Jesus never does any wrong, many will hate Him.

People have not changed. Even to this day, there are people who believe in Jesus and those who speak against Him.

Years later, Jesus will tell the disciples, and now you, that they must be like Him. He also stated that what they have done to Him, they will do to His followers.

Today, as a follower of Jesus, you must be willing to tell others about Him. Some will listen and follow Jesus. Others will speak against Him, and against you because of your following Jesus.

You, just like Jesus, can be the cause of the rising and falling of many in this world. Are you being His witness today? Be willing to tell everyone you meet about Jesus. Do not be afraid. Some will follow, some will reject, but you will be doing what Jesus did. Give everyone a chance to accept Jesus.

Your destiny is to tell others about Jesus. Are you following your destiny?

I pray today that God will give you the words to speak to others; that God will strengthen you in your walk with Jesus; that God will draw many to Jesus through you; and that God will build His kingdom through you.