1 Chronicles 16:23 Daily Proclamation

Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day. 1 Chronicles 16:23

Businesses always focus on getting the message out every day about their products or services that they provide. Marketeers know that they must promote their products daily or else people will stop purchasing them very quickly.

In the process of telling about their products, they will use many different methods, television ads, internet ads, word of mouth, billboards, flyers, mailers and more to get their information out. The focus is to reach as many people as possible to sell as much as possible.

After setting up the ark of the covenant David gave some praise to God. He told the people to sing to the Lord and proclaim His salvation every day.

With everything the world has and is proclaiming, they are missing the greatest news and best product the world could ever possibly have. As the world is promoting their goods loudly every day as the best thing ever and that everyone needs what they have, all that they have is temporary joy and, in the end, eternal death.

At the same time believers have something greater to promote and proclaim. This message that they have is the salvation that Jesus paid for and provides for each and every person. Forgiveness of sin and being given eternal life is the greatest thing that the world has ever seen, yet many do not know about it.

Believers need to be willing to speak up and proclaim the salvation of God to everyone they meet as often as they can on a daily basis. Doing this does not take a college degree or any expertise. It is just telling others what God has done for oneself and can do for others. This is proclaiming His salvation.

You may have some product that you really love and are willing to tell others about it every day. But as a believer, you have something even greater to proclaim to anyone who is willing to listen. That message is that Jesus provides forgiveness and salvation that gives eternal life.

Do not hold on to the greatest message to yourself that the world will ever hear. Give everyone you meet a chance to know Jesus and gain eternal life. Pass it on. Proclaim the gospel message to all you meet on a daily basis so that all may be saved.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will sing praises to God every day; that God will make you bold in proclaiming the gospel message; that you will not be ashamed to tell others about Jesus; and that God will draw many to Him through your proclamation.