Judges 11:24 Taking What Is Given

Will you not take what your god Chemosh gives you? Likewise, whatever the LORD our God has given us, we will possess. Judges 11:24

There are some people who do not like to be given anything. They want to only take what they can get by their own abilities or powers. Feelings of jealousy will overtake others because they don’t want someone else to take what he was given.

While it is wrong to take what is not owned by one’s own self, it is acceptable to take what is given. especially when given by the greatest power and authority.

The Ammonites fought against the Israelites from taking the land God had given the. Jephthah told them that they would take what their god gave them, so the Israelites will take what God has given them.

In today’s society believers are not going in and physically taking over land from other people. Yet, God is still in the process of giving things to believers that they must be willing to go in and take possession of. The very beginning of what God gives is forgiveness and His love.

Many people struggle with accepting the forgiveness God offers. They feel that they are not worthy of it and have no authority to take possession of it.

In the same way many believers struggle with accepting God’s tremendous love. They would rather believe the lies of the enemy that they cannot have His love in their lives.

Believers must be willing to take a hold of what God is giving them, regardless of what it is and who says that they cannot have it.

God offers freedom from the bondage to sin, bad habits, hatred, jealousy, and more. God gives love, peace, joy, contentment, provisions, and any other need in the life of one who believes in and follows Him.

Ask yourself what God has already given you and if you have already taken possession of it. Do not allow yourself to believe the lies of the enemy that you cannot possess what God has given you.

Although God does give physical things, keep in mind that the spiritual things He gives is of much greater value because they last for eternity. Seek those greater things of His love, mercy, grace, peace and more and take possession of them.

See what God has in store for you to build you up and not tear you down.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God has given you; that you will take possession of what God has given you; that God will give you strength to reject the lies of the world; and that you will be all that God has for you to be.

Joshua 18:3 Take What God Has Given You

So Joshua said to the Israelites: “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?” Joshua 18:3

People are often given some opportunity to gain something or some position. With the opportunity, the person must be willing to step out and do some work to gain it or take it.

Although many would love to have what is being offered, very few will take possession of it. Most desire to have it completely handed to them free of any work on their own part.

As many of the tribes of Israel had taken possession of the new land, some did not. Joshua asked them how long they would wait to take possession of the land God had given them.

Believers are given many promises by God, but very few will actually take hold of those promises and claim them as their own. People want things handed to them by God without any work on their own part or change in their life.

A few of the things God wants to give His people are no fear, a living heart, boldness, peace, and physical provisions. Just as some of the tribes of the Israelites held back on taking possession of the land, many believers hold back on taking what God has offered.

Jesus did the work of removing sin and the power of sin, but the believer must be willing to step out in faith and take the blessings of His work. It is a self-choice to not fear, or to be bold, or to have peace.

All one has to do is go in and claim it and take possession because God has already given it to him. One should not wait to get what God has for him.

If you have chosen to believe in Jesus, God has many things to give you. Each day you have to choose as to whether you will take possession of what God has for you or if you will reject it and keep waiting for something to change.

Do not allow yourself to sit back and do nothing when God has given you a promise. Seek God’s wisdom and timing and then go out and claim that promise, whatever it is.

Live your life in the fullness of all that God has to offer you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the promises of God to you; that you will claim what God has promised you; that you will not fear taking what God offers to you; and that you walk in the boldness and strength of God.

Leviticus 27:28 Devoted, Holy To God

But nothing that a person owns and devotees to the Lord–whether a human being or an animal or family land–may be sold or redeemed; everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord. Leviticus 27:28

Throughout the world there are many people who give things to others or to organizations to help people. Some will often dedicate a portion to be given on a regular basis.

There are some people who have dedicated something to an organization, only to want it back or choose not to give it in the end. There are many reasons why they do this, but overall, what was dedicated is not given.

God told the Israelites that whatever anyone dedicates to the Lord, it must not be sold or redeemed, but is to be most holy to Him.

It is common to hear of believers who promise to give a certain amount of their paycheck on a regular basis to a church or some missions work, but then quickly stop giving it. The dedicated portion is held back for personal needs or desires, rather than given it to God as promised.

At the moment a person promises to give God something, that promise cannot be rescinded or taken back. Every promise must be fulfilled, regardless of the cost of it. God will honor everything given to Him from the heart, whether it costs a lot or little.

One thing that every believer must dedicate to God as holy is his own life. Everything that he thinks, says and does must be dedicated to God and not taken back. He must never take his life back and deliver it to the world of sin, rejecting God and His commands, he is to be devoted and most holy to God, not to this world.

The moment you chose to believe in Jesus, you dedicated your life to God as most holy unto Him. Jesus cleansed you from all sin and made you holy. Do not take back your life and give it to the world and sin against God. Remain devoted and holy to God in all that you think, say and do.

As you give your life to God, He will in return give you an abundant life full of His peace and joy that the world cannot provide.

Who or what are you devoted to? Is it to God or to self and this world?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will devote your whole life to God; that you will not try to take back your life from God; and that God will strengthen you to not follow the ways of this world.