1 Chronicles 26:12 Every Job Is Important

Sweeping the floor

These divisions of the gatekeepers, through their leaders, had duties for ministering in the temple of the LORD, just as their relatives had. 1 Chronicles 26:12 

Titled positions in a job are often very important to most people. If the position does not have a good sounding title, it does not appear to be an important position.

It is common for people to think about positions in a job as not being very important. They are at the bottom of the ladder in the company and so are often looked down upon as a nobody. As they are looked at as a nobody, it is often common the individual feels that he is also a nobody, no on important or of any real value.

As the writer of the Chronicles writes, God leads him to list the names of those working in the temple. One of the groups listed was those of the gatekeepers, the men who stand and watch the doorway, guarding the temple.

Being a guard is often looked at as a menial job, with no real value. It is like the one who is a janitor and just sweeps floors and picks up garbage. He is not a CEO or president, no one really important. Yet, God chose to write their names down for all history. It was an important job.

In the church, there are positions that are not in the lime-light. They don’t seem to be very important. Sometimes this can be working in the nursery, being a greeter, or cleaning the floors and the toilets.

Many people want the high profile, fun positions with a great title. They want to be the head deacon, usher, worship leader, lead instrument, or one of many other profile, titled positions. They don’t want to be the one working in the nursery, teaching a young children’s Sunday School class, setting up chairs, or sweeping the floor.

Every position in the church has a reason and an importance to it. Every position in God’s kingdom also has a reason and an importance to it.

God has a job for you to do. It may be something that is high-profile, but most likely it is a ‘small’ job, that is hidden behind the scenes. Either job is just as important. If no one was to clean the floor, worship would occur in a filthy place.

Work in your position as unto the Lord and with joy. God can use you where you are at, when you are doing His work.

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that you will do His work with joy; that you will know the value in doing God’s work; and that you touch the lives of many people for God. 


Psalm 8:1 & 9 An Awesome Name

LORD, our LORD, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:1 & 9

David starts and ends this psalm with the same words. He is giving God praise for His wonderful name. In the middle of these two verses, David describes what God has done. God had made everything on and off the earth, and then placed man over it all.

A person’s character is what gives the person a name, beyond just the name given by his parents. People who do great things are talked very highly of and praised for the good words. Those who do wrong, and cut-down and given a bad name.

People tend to take the name of God very lightly. The world, and many believers, tend to use God’s name very flippantly, cursing or ridiculing His name. God is often called the ‘man upstairs,’ or just one of many gods. Some make promises using God’s name, with no intention of actually fulfilling the promise.

One has to stop and think about who God is. To think about everything that God has made, will just cause a person’s head to spin. Then to think that God has placed man over all of those things, makes it even more amazing.

The man who God has placed over these things, includes you. God’s love for you was so great that He made everything for you and put you in control of it. Do not forget that this was done while God knew that you would sin and walk away from Him. He knew that Adam would sin. He had already planned for Jesus to die on the cross to take away the sins of all men.

When you begin to think about all of this and what God has done for you, you will stand amazed. It is at this point that you will realize the truth in David’s words that God’s name is majestic! It is a name that is above all other names on this earth!

Jesus, who is God, lived as a human on this earth, suffered, and died for you. He did all this to give you life. What better works could God do to deserve a better name than that of Jesus, your Savior?

Sing the praise with David: LORD, our LORD, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

I pray today that you will see what God has done for you; that you will give God’s name praise; that you will not dishonor God’s name; and that you will always have a song of praise on your lips.

Luke 1:64 Against The Norm

“He asked for a writing tablet, and to everyone’s astonishment he wrote, His name is John.” Luke 1:64

Zechariah and Elizabeth were old and had not been expected to ever have any children. One day while in the temple an angel came to Zechariah and told him they would have a child and his name was to be John. Zechariah had a hard time believing the message so was made unable to speak.

Things happened just as the angel had said. Now the day came to circumcise and name this new baby. The traditions of the day were that the baby would be named after the father. This was always a great honor for the father. It would carry on his family name.

However, when the people tried to name the baby after Zechariah, his mother said no and that he would be named John. No one could believe this. How could she break with tradition?

So they ask Zechariah what the name of the child would be. Remember, he cannot talk…yet. He gets a tablet and writes down that his name is to be John. Immediately he could talk again, and so he began to praise God.

Zechariah had learned his lesson about trusting God and doing what God wants. For nine months he had been unable to speak because of unbelief. He now knew that God meant what He said. He did not dare to defy God again.

You may not be having a miraculous baby today, but what is God telling you to do? Often, in the world’s eyes, the things that God tells you to do don’t always make common sense. God sees the big picture and guides you according to it.

Do you question what God is telling you? Are you willing to not listen to God and listen to the world’s way of doing things? Are you willing to follow tradition rather than God?

Do not allow yourself to be led by tradition. Follow God. Seek God for wisdom and direction. God used John in a mighty way. Zechariah had greater honor in following God, than he would have if he had disobeyed.

Trust and follow God today.

I pray today that God will open your eyes to His ways; that you will break with man’s ways and follow God’s ways; that you will not fear breaking tradition to follow God; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

Revelation 20:15 Lake of Fire

“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:15

The final time of judgment on all people has come. John saw a great white throne with the judge on it. Every person who had ever lived was raised from the dead and stood before this throne.

At that time all the books were opened and judgment started. The books would show what a person had done in their life here on this earth and they were judged accordingly.

The final and most important book was called “The Book of Life”. If a person’s name was found in this book, they were allowed into heaven. If their name was not found in this book, they were cast into the lake of fire.

Remember that Jesus called Himself “life” and that no person could get to God except through Him. This book could be seen as the book that Jesus recorded every name of every person who came to Him for salvation.

This time of judgment is very simple: either you have your name in the book of life (you have Jesus) or you do not. All the things that you have done in this life have no bearing on this judgment. Everything rests on whether you are serving and trusting in Jesus for your salvation or not.

Along with looking at your own life, there are others to look at. What about the lives of the people around you? The people you come into contact with everyday? The checker at the store; the greeter at the store; the person in line in front of you; the waitress at the restaurant; and everyone else?

Jesus said to look at the fields and that they are ripe for harvest. All around you there are millions of people who do not have their names written in the book of life. If Jesus was to return today, all those people would be cast into the lake of fire. They would be in torment and death for eternity.

Today, go and let others know about Jesus. Tell other people about what Jesus has done in your life and for you. Be the witness Jesus called you to be. Do not allow another person be found whose name is not written in the book of life. If you have a chance to witness to a person and do not, you are guilty of condemning them to the lake of fire. Do not be guilty of murder by omission.

I pray that today you will know if your name is written in the book of life; that you will follow and trust Jesus with your whole life and for your salvation; that you will boldly be God’s witness to those around you; and that daily God’s kingdom will be built up through you.