Luke 19:41-42 Don’t Close Your Eyes

Refuse To See

As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes.” Luke 19:41-42

During the last few days, before His death, Jesus entered back into Jerusalem. As He was entering many people were praising Him and excited about His return to Jerusalem. Jesus wept over the city, because He knew what was going to happen and that the people could not see it coming. It was now to the point that the path to peace would be hidden from their sight.

Things that can work best are sometimes very simple and right in plain sight. However, because of the simplicity of it, many people do not see it. They refuse to open their eyes and see the signs that are right in front of them.

There are many who suddenly find that they have a late stage cancer in their body. It is late because they ignored the physical signs that were beginning to show. The did not see what would bring peace to their body early enough.

People are always looking for and desiring peace. As people read or watch the news, all they see is violence, war, or destruction. There is very little peace being seen.

While this is occurring, there are believers going around speaking how a person can have true peace. True peace can only be found in Jesus. Jesus is God, and God is Love. When a person knows true love, he will be at peace. That peace will be with himself, with God and with others. Without Jesus a person cannot know any peace.

The peace that Jesus brings is a peace that the world cannot see or enjoy without Him.

Today that peace is available to you and everyone else. It is laid out before you in scripture and the testimony of others.

You have a choice to make. Do you want that peace?

You can ignore the information given you about how to gain that peace. Eventually it will be too late to ever gain that peace. It will become hidden for all eternity.

Or you can choose to accept that peace into your life. Once you gain that peace, only you can give it up. It will be yours for eternity.

Don’t close your eyes to God’s peace for you.

I pray today that you will know the peace Jesus brings you; that you will not turn away from Jesus; that you will keep your eyes open for Jesus; and that you will know Jesus as your Savior.


Matthew 25:46 What Is Your Destiny?

Heaven And Hell

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Matthew 25:46

Jesus gave a parable about people being told that they served or did not serve Him when they were at the end of their life. Some were told they served Him, but did not realize it, while others did not serve Him and thought that they did. Those who had served Him by serving others, were allowed into heaven with eternal life. Those who had not served Him by serving others were condemned to hell in eternal punishment.

Helping people out is something that reaches beyond a single person. As one person is being helped, it can actually help out many others. Helping a single parent out with his children, helps him out, the children out, his workplace out, and the community out.

In the process of serving and helping others, everyone benefits. There are many people who reach out and help serve others out, while there are many who only help themselves out.

Believers are expected to help serve others. It falls under the commands given to love God and to love everyone. As a person serves another person, it is showing love to God and service to God.

God has placed everyone on this earth to be together, working together to build each other up. No man is supposed to be a complete loner.

When a believer sees a need, and has the ability to meet that need, but does not do it, he is not serving Jesus. He is rejecting Jesus, even though his words may say otherwise.

The whole purpose of serving others, is not to look good, as some are doing. It is to serve Jesus. Serving others show the love a person has for God and for others. The two greatest commandments were to love God and to love others.

As you go through your days, God will bring people into your path who have many needs. For some of those needs you will have the ability to meet them. Are you going to meet those needs?

When Jesus returns, He will look at your life and find out if you have served Him by serving others. The question will be if you really love Him or not? If you served others, you do love Him and will gain eternal life.

If you did not serve others, you did not love Him and will get eternal punishment.

I pray today that you will love God with all of your heart; that you will love people as God loves you; that you will serve others as God gives you opportunity to do so; and that you will show God’s love to others.

Matthew 25:11-12 Don’t Get Shut Out

Closed Church Door

“Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’ ” Matthew 25:11-12

Jesus gave the parable about the five wise and five unwise virgins. They knew that their bridegroom was coming to meet them at some point. Five stayed prepared to meet him, while five did not. When he came, he took the five that were prepared and left. At the wedding banquet the doors were shut and the five unwise tried to get in. At that point the bridegroom stated that he did not know them and kept the door shut.

Most people do not run a wedding in the same manner that they did during the ancient days. Today if someone is late to the wedding, they are often still let in. This is especially true for people who are a part of the wedding ceremony.

In the business world, it is a different story. When the business closes its doors for the night, they will not open them again, regardless of who the person is. With this in mind, people must plan their time correctly to get to the business before the doors are closed. They must be ready.

God is in the process of preparing a great wedding feast in heaven someday. People are being made aware of this wedding feast. Everyone is being invited to be a part of the feast. The challenge is that no one knows exactly when that feast will begin. Each person must be ready.

The process of being ready is accepting what Jesus did and following Him. It is repenting of all sins and turning towards God.

Many people think that there are many ways into  heaven and that great feast. There is only one way and that is through Jesus.

When Jesus returns to bring everyone into the feast, you must be ready. Once He returns and takes all who are ready, the doors to that feast in heaven will be closed. God will stand at the door and tell the rest who missed it that He does not know them.

You do not want to be in that group. You do not want to be shut out, because that door will be shut for all eternity.

Take the time today to make sure you are following Jesus and are ready for the great wedding feast.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will follow God with all your heart; that God will know you as part of His bride; and that you will be ready for heaven.

1 John 2:3 Really Knowing Jesus

“We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands.” 1 John 2:3

In many countries there are many people who will openly state that they know Jesus. In some countries they cannot do it openly because it is against the law. While many will state that they know Jesus, not everyone really knows Jesus.

There are people who have met some famous person for about two minutes and was able to say hi to that person. Now they go around saying that they know that person. Do they really know that person? Not at all. They are just an acquaintance. There really is no knowledge of the person.

John says that if you really know Jesus you will keep His commands. What does knowing Jesus have to do with keeping His commands?

When you spend a lot of time with a person you learn what they like and do not like. You really learn who that person is and what his heart is about. The same goes for getting to know Jesus. The more time you spend with Him and really get to know Him, the more you will learn what is heart is about.

The heart of Jesus is all about saving you and the rest of the world from sin and death. His heart is being a servant to accomplish this task of saving everyone.

Think about how great His love for you must be for Jesus to be willing to leave heaven to come to this earth to save you. Think about how great His love must be for you to be willing to die a painful death on the cross.

When you start to realize how great the love of Jesus is for you, you will want to return that love to Him. You will want to love Him just as much. Loving Jesus will show up when you obey Him, when you do what He says.

If you are not doing what Jesus says, you really don’t know or love Him. The reality of His love for you has not made it to your heart if you do not obey Him. It comes down to the fact that you do not know Him yet.

Do you really KNOW Jesus?

Or do you just know Him?

I pray today that God will give you a new vision of who Jesus is; that you will know what Jesus has done for you; that you will have a new love for Jesus; and that you will do whatever Jesus wants you to do.