Exodus 9:21 Ignoring God’s Word

A young man making a mistake by self sabotaging himself.

But those who ignored the word of the LORD left their slaves and livestock in the field. Exodus 9:21

Ignorance is something that a lot of people like to have. They like to ignore the rules and commands that are given. Many will think that they are above the law or it does not affect them.

This action can often be seen in cities near the ocean when there is a warning of an incoming hurricane or major disastrous storm. The government will give a warning for people to leave the area for safety. Most people will leave, but there are some who do not fear the storm and think that they can weather it out safely. They refuse to follow the instructions to leave the area. Many times their homes are destroyed, some will lose their lives because they chose to ignore the command.

God had given a warning of an incoming hail storm over all of Egypt. Those who listened to God and feared Him, brought in all their slaves and livestock to safety. Those who ignored God, did not bring them into safety. The storm did come and destroyed a lot in its path, just as God had warned.

People often ignore the words of God, hoping that His word will not really occur as He said it would. For those who are not believers, this can be expected, however, many believers do the very same action. They ignore God’s word.

This can be seen in believers who choose to continue to live in sinful way. They continue to pursue a sin that God has warned them not to do. They don’t even attempt to stop sinning in a given area of their life. This is ignoring God’s commands to stop sinning and to turn to Him.

Sinning like this, is often done because they believe God will have grace upon them. Yet, the sin is done on willful purpose, ignoring God’s command.

Take a moment to examine your life and see if you are guilty of ignoring God’s commands. Where are you allowing sin in  your life on purpose, refusing to change and live for God?

There is a coming judgment. If you fear God, you will know that His word is true. You will take the time to strive to turn from all sin. You will allow God to change you.

Are you ignoring or following God’s commands for your life?

I pray today that you will know what God’s commands are for you; that you will live your whole life for God; that you will not live in sin against God; and that you will not ignore any of God’s commands. 


1 Timothy 1:13 A Proper Perspective


Lighthouse at dawn

Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. 1 Timothy 1:13

Paul opens his letter to Timothy, a young new preacher of the gospel, with encouragement. He points out that he was a horrible, rotten sinner, yet was shown much mercy and grace by God because he had done everything out of ignorance and unbelief.

The majority of the people in the world do not have the proper perspective on who they are or what they are really like. They do not see a need to be saved because they do not believe in sin. Not believing in God will cause a reason to not believe in sin. So people see themselves as a good person or just like everyone else.

There are believers in the church who tend to have the same view of themselves. This can be seen in believers who grew up in the church. They do believe in God and believe in sin, but never really saw themselves as a bad sinner.

Very few people will consider themselves as a blasphemer, persecutor and a violent person. Yet, every believer was these very things at one point in their life. They claimed that they could do anything and did not need God, even talking against God, being a blasphemer. They talked against believers, being a persecutor. And did things selfishly against others, being violent.

Yet, they were shown mercy by God, because most of what they had been doing was done in ignorance or unbelief. God knows that humans act the way they do because they don’t really know the truth–Jesus and God’s word. Jesus accepts and forgives everyone who comes to Him in belief.

As a believer you were once all of these things. Without Jesus you would still be in that position and be that type of person. Yet, Jesus has shown you His great mercy and forgiven you.

Since you have been forgiven, turn away from that type of living. Also realize that the rest of the world still needs to learn this truth. Be ready to show mercy on others, just as Jesus has shown you mercy.

Having the right perspective on who you were and who you are now, helps you know other people correctly. You were changed and saved, they can also be changed and saved.

I pray today that God will reveal to you who you were; that you will know the mercy God has given you; that you will be a changed person in Jesus; that you will show God’s mercy to others; and that God will help you turn from all sin.