How The Truth Sets Us Free (guest)

Here is a small part of a post from Michael Young that I follow. I encourage you to follow the link at the end and read the rest of this great post. Check out his site and see some other great posts that he has written.

How the Truth Sets Us Free


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32 NIV)

This is a common saying among many believers and non-believers alike. I’ve used it many times. Though, to be honest, I just thought it sounded good…and spiritual. You know, Jesus said it, so it must mean something. But I really never put much thought into it. That is, until I was doing some journaling Sunday afternoon.

I recently started a writing project that I hope will turn into a book. In it, I’m exploring how we can each see Christ working in our very own lives–right there on paper, in black and white–by going through our own lives and looking for Him there. (More on this to come some time later.) Anyway, so I was looking back through my last few months, looking for the ‘fingerprints of God’, and boom! I hit paydirt!

Here is the link to read the rest of the post: How The Truth Sets Us Free


Homeless: Sheep VS Goats (Guest Blog)

Here is a blog by Glenn Kaiser, who I follow. He puts out some very good points on homelessness and believers. Please check out his blog. 

Homeless: Sheep Vs. Goats

With permission, I snuck in and sat in the back (next to my wife!) of a kind friend’s seminar on homelessness today. “Snuck in” because it was Deeply Rooted, a women’s fellowship, worship and teaching gathering.

I had no idea Beth was going to discuss The Bonus Army [see ] or key issues of African-Americans immediately after the American Civil War as elements of history to help us understand homelessness.

Indeed, today, Veteran’s Day in the U.S., far too many vets are in deep trouble!

Jesus in Matthew chapter 25 lists 6 things we need to be concerned with if we profess to love God and neighbor; indeed if our attitudes and choices reflect being one of His or not:

To read the rest of the article please go to: Homeless: Sheep VS. Goats

When You’re Too Smart For Your Own Good (Guest Blog)

Minister Aldtric Johnson wrote this excellent post on being smart in your own way. 


It’s amazing to me that God is humble enough to allow those He created in His image to attain enough knowledge and wisdom of this world to decide that He is not real.

Some of us can allow the aspects of being created in His image to become a stumbling block..

Please read the rest of the article at: When You’re Too Smart For Your Own Good…

Day 11 – Choosing to be Free From Someone Else’s Shame — Denise Pass

Here is a post from a great blog that I follow. Denise Pass is a worship leader who has some great insights from God to share. Here is one of her posts concerning shame. It is a part of a series that she is doing. Please check out her blog today.

Scripture of the Day: 2 Samuel 13:13 (NLT) “Where could I go in my shame? And you would be called one of the greatest fools in Israel. Please, just speak to the king about it, and he will let you marry me.” Shame Rx: Each person bears the shame for their own actions. Watching a […]

via Day 11 – Choosing to be Free From Someone Else’s Shame — Denise Pass

Guest Posting

Guest Blog Post

I want to thank everyone who has chosen to follow my blog! It has been a blessing to see so many of you commenting and liking various posts that I have done over the last few years.

As I see you liking my blog or making a comment, I always try to stop by your blog and read some of your posts. I do follow a few posts, but not very many. The reason is mainly that I don’t have the time to read all the dozens of blogs that I really enjoy. I have to pick a choose a few to follow and occasionally be able to go back and read a few others.

Now having said all of that, I would like to open my blog for others to guest blog a post on. At this point I am looking at only having one guest blog each week, and that would occur on Mondays. Later I may open it to doing one on Friday, but not at this point.

In order to guest blog on my blog, your post would have to be in line with God’s Word. It can be something from the Bible directly, or something to do with your experience as a Christian believer. The topics could be school, homeschool, church, ministry, Bible, outreach, work, marriage, family, children or a lot of other great topics out there.

What I will not accept at all is any topics that are not Christian related, such as a post promoting some other religion, or a movie, or anything else that is not Christian in any way. Along with those posts, I will not accept any post that has any vulgar language in it, or is demeaning of other people or groups in any way.

If you choose to want to post an article on my blog, it may be one you have already posted on your blog, or it could be something entirely new. Either way I will be sure to give you full credit for the post.

If you are interested in guest posting on my site please email me: Insights From Tom

In the email give me the following information: 1) Your name 2) Name and URL address of your blog 3) The article that you would like to post or the URL address to the article you would like me to post

I will work to read all the entries as quickly as possible and let you know if I have chosen your article to post on my site. If I choose you post your article, I will also let you know when it will post.

Please remember that I may not choose everyone’s articles. And if I do choose yours, it may be a while for it to post, since I will only post one per week.

I look forward to hearing from some of you and being able to bless your post and promote it on my site.

May God bless you and guide you in all that you do.

A Bird, Purpose, And God

One of my sons, Kyle, wrote this post on Facebook about an experience he had encountered and his link of it to God. 

Today during the thunderstorm I walked outside to set something out on the porch.

When I walked out there I saw this little bird it had something wrapped up when it’s leg. So I unwrapped it’s leg. When I did it jumped off the porch and then it sat there on the ground. I knew that if it stayed on the ground it probably wouldn’t be safe so I picked it up and I put it back on the porch. And it jumped off again I picked it up and put it back on the porch. It jumped off again. So then I decided it would be safer if I put it inside. I waited til the storm was over and released it.

There are many times in our life where we want to go places we cannot go. But we go anyway but God is gracious enough to pick us up again and again. Until he sets you in a place where you can go nowhere else.

You see that bird had no idea that I had a purpose for where I put it. It had no idea that I had a timing for when I was going to release it.
The bird was scared at first and then it became comfortable then it wanted to be set free but the rain was still pouring.

Doing what God wants you to do maybe scary going where God wants you to go also maybe a scary. This is where you have to have faith in God that in his own purpose in his own time. What he has in store for us will be released.

So do not struggle with where God has you do not be afraid with where God has you. Because what you may not know is that you are not ready. You see if that bird was bigger I would have left it outside for it would have known what to do.

In God’s good time and in God’s perfect will what he has in store for you will come and you will know what to do.