Numbers 10:9 Sound The Trumpet

When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Then you will be remembered by the Lord your God and rescued from your enemies. Numbers 10:9

Throughout early history trumpets were often sounded to show victory or great honor. As battles were being fought, trumpets would sound off to encourage the soldiers to go forward and win.

Outside of times of battle, when a king or some high official entered an area, trumpets would be sounded to alert everyone of who was coming and give honor.

God told the Israelites to sound the trumpets when they went into battle against an enemy. As they did that God would hear, remember them and rescue them.

Hearing trumpet blasts is a rare thing in society today. Trumpets are typically heard only during concerts and very few can play them.

Nearly everyday believers have to go into battle against the enemy. Some days it is a physical enemy, but most often it is a spiritual enemy. Even though most do not have a trumpet, nor can play one, a trumpet sound needs to be blasted as they go into battle.

The trumpet sound that a believer can sound off is with their voice. Shouts of praise and victory can arise from the heart and voice of the believer as he goes into battle, knowing that God can give him the victory. It alerts other believers around him of the battle, and it alerts the enemy of God’s presence. It gives encouragement and strength knowing God will bring about a great victory.

God is always ready and willing to rescue one in a battle against his soul. Trumpet sounds of praise give God the honor and strength to move forward with the rescue.

You will have times in which you must go into battle against the enemy. Temptations and persecution will arise in your life to attempt to break you down and destroy you.

Do not give in to fear of the enemy or the temptation, but shout trumpets of praise to God. Let the enemy know who is on your side and allow God to gain the victory over the enemy in your life. He is ready, willing and able to rescue you from the enemy of your soul.

Will you sound the trumpet of victory today?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the victory you have in Jesus; that you will shout praises of victory to God; that you will see God rescue you from the hands of the enemy; and that God would defeat the enemies in your life.

Genesis 43:16 Treat Your Enemies With Love

When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to the steward of his house, “Take these men to my house, slaughter an animal and prepare a meal; they are to eat with me at noon.” Genesis 43:16

Every person has someone who is an enemy to them, someone who is out to harm them in some way or another, whether physically, emotionally or socially. Usually people are quick to want to strike back and harm their enemies in some way to stop their attacks.

At a minimum, most people do not want anything kind to do with their enemies.

When Joseph’s brothers came back for more food with Benjamin, Joseph had a special meal prepared for them in his personal house. They were to eat a meal with him.

Joseph had been mistreated and sold into slavery by his brothers. He had every right to be angry with them and harm them. He also had the power to harm them now that he was second in power in all of Egypt, yet he did not.

The world tells people that they have a right to strike and harm their enemies or at least have nothing to do with them. Satan wants to bring division, strife and death, not reconciliation.

Jesus said that believers are to forgive and love their enemies. Being angry and vengeful will never show love, but only hatred and death.

God had every right to destroy His enemies–humans who have sinned against Him. Instead of destroying them, He chose to love them and provide a way to reconcile with them. Instead of striking back, Jesus went to the cross and paid for the sins of all, and then chose to forgive those same sins.

In the same way, believers are to forgive and love their enemies, rather than harm them.

You most likely have some enemies in your life that tend to make life very difficult for you. It could be family members or outside the family. If you choose to follow the ways of this world, you will hate them and have nothing to do with them.

Allow God’s great love and mercy to fill your heart for each one of your enemies. Realize that each one is a lost person who needs Jesus in his life. Instead of showing hatred, show God’s love and mercy. Point them to God, not the world.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s love for you and your enemies; that God will fill you with His love for your enemies; and that you will be a witness of God’s great love to this world.